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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

You CAN go home again

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I visited my hometown last weekend to see my sister graduate with a bachelor's and master's degree (simultaneously!) and see my mom for mother's day. It struck me how I still know where everything is, I know what's changed and what's the same, and I fell right back into the local culture. Also, geez is it hot down there

I spent a little while frequenting old haunts. The barnes and noble where I met the GM of a group I was with years ago, the pagan shop where I got my tools of the trade during my teenage rebellion stint as a hippie-dippie Wiccan, the Uni I graduated from, the convention center where I gave my commencement speech, and my favorite Whataburger. I didn't have time to see it all, but I did enjoy sharing it with my boyfriend who consented to share two ten hour drives with me and meet my family on their home turf . On the way back to Dallas, he asked me if I still thought of McAllen as home. After pondering a bit, I think I still do think of it as home, or at least as my homeland.

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