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A chance encounter

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As I was able to be there early enough, Harley, Starwolf, and myself went to go look at a large 6 sided picnic table that was supposed to be able to seat 12 people. Since the seller was only asking $20 for it, Aeval and Harley thought that it would be nice to have for in their back yard and when the weather was nice, we could game on it outside.

As we came out of the Squirrel Hill Tunnel on the parkway east near Pittsburgh, PA, we were glad to find that my mazda pickup truck appearently has an AC of -10 (in 2E gaming). Suddenly we heard something hitting the windshield of the truck and at first we all thought it was starting to rain. After the noise of the impacts stopped, we could see smears all over the windshield in various places. Upon looking as we took the exit for Squirrel Hill, there was a bee stuck underneath on of the windshield wipers. Nothing like being attack by a swarm of bees.

The down side to the trip was that when we got to where the picnic table was, we found that it wasn't even worth $20 of firewood. It wasn't made of pressure treated wood. There wasn't really a way to take it apart to put it in the truck by pieces. When we tried to lift it to take to the truck and see if it would fit in the bed, the whole thing bowed and boards started to pull apart and off of it. Obiviously, we didn't get the table. So much for it being advertised as needing one or two boards replaced. They just forgot to mention that the rest of the boards were completely useless.

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  1. GoddessGood's Avatar
    I've run through a bee swarm a couple of times, too. Can be scary, but mostly it's just a pain to clean. Your entry made me want to build a gaming table, though. I always seem to need more room