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Mage the Awakening

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dark days are apo0n us. An evil is creeping over the city of Providence. The supernaturals are being called and are packed in tight. They are starting to eat their own. In a weeks times the excessive Vampire population of about 70 leechs have purged their bellies to leave only 4. Werewolves prolwled the streets in the entire Metroploitan area. Scores of wolves fought for dominace. The are now scattered with a little more than a dozen left.

The changelings suffered two nights of terror. In the first strike almost 30 of the lost were dragged back to Arcadia and mere months ago Something crawled for from the Thorns and most of the others were taken. The last 17 shiver in their beds as the Darkness encloses them.

The orders of the Mages with 120 memebers have been struck and almost 40 are missing or dead. A few more are considering fleeing the area with the protents showing Darkness is coming.

Champions? You ask. Are there any? Of those who would stand against the Shadows three groups are in exile, forced of volunteered and the last two unknowing of what stands against them they stumble blindly in a darkened room.

They have a defacto leader though. His name is Sparrow. He hasn't taken the lead by force but by necessity. He has a grim understanding of what is going on. He has read texts, both divine and blasphemous and has a glimpse of a puzzle. With his group, the Cabal of the Word, he has picked others to help. four groups to shine like beacons. they fight the fantaics, cultist of the most vile order. People will to kill torture, maim and some will even dies for their beliefs if they can take you with me.

The Abyss breathes and is trying to give birth to an abomination that may disrupt the very fabric of the world. These brave Willworkers struggle against odds to find the sacred items and bring them to the Crucible. And there they will do something they do not know. twelve of the itmes have been gathered only the Shallowing of the World, a mirror, is not held but very close. One of the mages in an ally group, The Cabal of the Shadows, named Mr Grim has any clue where to find the crucuble. BUT he is unaware of this knowledge.

Seem in the area is a group of really powerful being who find the need to part with informastion but bound by some rules from interfiering on their own.

The goal is in site, but disaster has struck ....... Sparrow has gone missing after an atempt to free two of his Cabal mates, Alias and Defariuos of their inner darkness. Months have gone by.

No one is sure where the goal is and how can it be accomplished. the one with the answers is gone and everyone has questioned.

But...... there is hope.

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