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Disposable Heroes I

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So tonight was the night for my Disposable Heroes game. A one shot game consisting of one overpowered encounter. Things did not go according to plan, and we ended up playing three encounters. The problem was that we had a total of seven player and the encounters were designed for five characters. Silly me, I forgot to adjust the encounters to reflect the over-abundance of players. So when the dust settled, none of the PC's had been killed and all the monsters had been vanquished. I will say that it was by no means a cake walk for the group. The groups ranger now has an Owl Bear phobia as he was nearly torn apart by one in the first encounter and survived with less than 3 HP. I think that everyone took at least some damage in each encounter and half or more finished with about 5 HP or less in each encounter too. So while everyone lived, it was by a hairs breadth for most.

I had a really good time and I hope everyone else did as well. There were a number of new faces at the table, including one player from this site (rlutke), and another (Mattiyaho) who showed up at the end of the game to talk about the HARP game that he trying to get started. Two other new guys, who are brothers, Peter and Paul. Who came from the local meetup / yahoo group site and David, a friend of Ken's. From the regular group we had Ken, Brian and Kyle. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who came, and I hope we can do it again soon.

I must say, I preferr DM'ing to playing, even though it is a little more work.

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  1. Otakar's Avatar
    Hi Kirk, I briefly read, in another forum, something similar. These 4E characters can't be taken lightly when they're well played. They are tough. I was surprised in my recent game how well they did. When they were boxed in buy a group of monsters I thought it was going to get ugly. The Wizard shot off his daily turning the tide in the first round. It is fun being DM and seeing the characters overcome the challenges, plus I'm a lousy dice roller. No craps table for me!
  2. yukonhorror's Avatar
    Yeah, I have had to change my encounters all of the time to make sure the challenge is the way I want it. Being a DM is fun, and 4e makes it more manageable than before, but I miss being a player.