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The Brooding City: Chapter 4 Raiders and Chapter 5 Myst of Death

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With the death of the inquisitor and his body guards, the resistance regroups as the Hyena Guard and the remaining Blackguards burst through prison doors. Two of their fellow resistance fighters they liberated join in the fight against the guards. One falls in the battle however.

After a fierce battle, the guards are defeated and the resistance storms the precinct looking for the other unaccounted resistance fighters and any documents pertaining to their interrogation. Garrick uses his thorn pouch to trap the remaining guards in a spike growth while the others discover the last two corpses of the resistance fighters and all the documents. They flee the precinct into the streets.

Battered and depleted the group makes it way to a safe house to heal but find the safe house has been commandeered by the blackguards and the resistance fighter betrayer, Rogen. They manage to take out the guard at the backdoor silently and burst into the kitchen to surprise The traitor and a blackguard. A fierce battle erupted and Professor Gray was brought down by Rogen's daggers. But Rogen and the rest of the Black Guards fell and safe house was liberated.

The group manage to sell off the fine armor and weapons of the blackguards for a good profit.

Chapter 5

In the week that followed, Srieska open her own gem cutting shop, Professor Gray began lecturing at the college and Garrick gets a dress down by his new Lieutenant.

Srieska, on opening her shop encounters a strange beggar woman who speaks gibberish about children with no eyes. She give her money to get rid of her as she tries to makes it to one of her suppliers shop before it closes. But she discovers the body of her supplier hanging from the rafters of his shop and robbed of all valuable materials.

Garrick, patrolling the streets at night discovers a body drained of blood.

Professor Gray meets a brilliant student Nathaniel who is obsessed that he is close to unlocking the secrets of reanimating the dead. He bases his theory on the work of Professor Spalanzani, a retired dean of the school of medicine. His ramblings interest Professor Gray, but he displays a skeptical demeanor.

The next Day Srieska discovers her carpenter friend's shop was robbed. She comforts her at the Hooting Frog and notice two strangers in Tavern who are hiding their chain shirts under their cloaks. When she tries to approach them they hastily leave and exit into the misty night. left on their table are strange ancient coins.

Professor Gray believes Nathaniel may be one of the aware and hopes to recruit him. Nathaniel wants the Professor to meet him at the graveyard that evening. He arrives but cannot find the enthusiastic student. He sees a light at Professor Spalanzani's mansion (once owned by Dr. Maglanti, Spalanzani's mentor). Unable to gain an answer by knocking at the door, he breaks a window with his energy missile attracting the attention of patrolling guards. They begin to question him.

Garrick is put in charge of investigating the blood drain victims and a series of robberies in the district. He discovers at the coroner that the bloodless victim has no marks, but the strangled victim has a bit in the leg. On patrol his men discover another body. He uses his dino's scent to track and questions a harlot who was with him less than thirty minutes ago. Convince she was not the culprit he lets her go.

The mysteries continue in next session.

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Updated 05-08-2009 at 12:06 AM by wizarddog

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  1. wizarddog's Avatar
    This was basically and example of running many different roleplay stories for all the PC's. As the players went along, they discovered that the incidents they experienced were related in some way.

    It helps also to have players that take the initaive with their PC's. If they simply ignore everything around them until it comes at them with a sword then your roleplaying with the wrong crowd.