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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Border War Campaign Part 17: Final Entry

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As hoped, we managed to take the campaign to a stopping point this week. Everyone showed up, though the party didn't end up together. Kageto's player debuted a new character, Stalwart Second. Second is in the area looking for a Lunar by the name of Howls Justice so that he can return some of his property and give him news of a fallen comrade. After this, Exalted will be on hiatus while we play Keep on the Shadowfell.

Since Ominous Whispers had three days of travel between her scenes and the rest of the party, I'll list her part at the end.

Fractured Sapphire left Three Oaks through the western forests and crossed the river to the Sumarian side around dawn. He stopped to dry out and hid himself when he saw that long sections of floating raft were leaving the port of Kalia. As they floated down river, teams of men were lashing them together to form a bridge. Fracture approached the riverbank as the team from one section landed to anchor it and offered to help fix the raft. Intending to damage the raft, Fracture insisted that its structure was critically weak. A silent Dragon Blooded man stepped in to intercede and evicted Fracture from the proceedings. Fracture headed away into the woods and crossed the river again and headed to Three Oaks to warn the others that the Sumar army were on the move again. He watched as they began to cross under the watchful eye of 4 Dragon Blooded officers, all well armed and armored.

As he had journeyed to Kalia that night, Willow stayed up to study the tome she had bargained away from the tree spirit. It's tattered pages held strange mysteries and inspired odd, waking dreams. While Willow read, Gaias slept, Zephyr kept vigil, and Kageto slipped away, the last day of Calibration ended. Dawn brought with it a new face in Stalwart Second who rode up the abandoned streets of Three Oaks singing a jaunty tune. Second went to the inn seeking a stable for his horse and met Zephyr on the way out from returning the possessions he had "liberated" the night prior. Zephyr and he conversed, exchanging information. Getting along well, the pair resolved to find ale and vittles while Second settle his horse. They returned to the tea house where they met up with Rami.

Second asked if they had seen a man matching Gaias' description or a man with dark skin and white birthmarks named Howls Justice. While neither had heard of the second man, Gaias wandered downstairs into the tea room to find himself much asked for. Though he did not recognize the second description, Gaias returned to his room on a hunch. Aesis, the large, black mastiff with white spots, slept on the floor and studiously did not respond when Gaias called for him by the name of Howls Justice. Impatient, Second called up the stairwell for Justice and said he had news of a comrade and property to return. Huffing, the dog got up and left the room and transformed into a tall, dark-skinned man on the way down the stairs. The incredulous Gaias followed behind shouting, What are you?

The shouting drew out Willow and Mai from their rooms to see the two new faces of Second and Justice. Justice who, until that moment, had been masquerading as Gaias' pet dog took conference with Second and learned of his comrade's death in the far north. Second lead him to the stable at the inn so he could return Justice's property while the rest of the curious party followed behind. After the exchange, Justice informed Second that the Wyld Hunt would be coming soon if they were not already present and the best solution for all involved would be to leave town immediately. Willow, Rami, Second and Justice set about preparing to leave while Gaias went to prepare his brother's body for burial.

Fracture returned at about midday to inform the party that the Sumar army, along with at least 4 Dragon Blooded warriors, was on the move and would likely arrive in minutes. Zephyr, who intended to kill the Huntsmen, insisted he would stay and fight. The rest hatched a plot to escape through the dwindling shadowland in front of the Council Hall and try to either find a way to leave it or a fortified position by nightfall. All felt sure that the Dragon Blooded host would not follow the "demons" into "hell", holy mission or no. Fracture offered up a distraction by lighting up his anima banner and fleeing across the battlefield through the enemy lines. He continued west from there towards High Keep to meet with Ominous Whispers and aid her in her mission there. Zephyr stationed himself in an ambush position but feared himself unable to overcome the enemy alone and escaped through the shadowland himself.

In High Keep, Whispers and her retinue were escorted to the Merchant's Quarter and housed comfortably. They were told that the House of Lords would be anxious to see her and hear her story, but hours went by with no news from anyone. After the dinner hour, when dark had fallen, a visitor did arrive and announced himself as Typhon. Knowing Typhon by reputation as a member of the Confederation of Rivers and ambassador of Thorns, Whispers and he had a spirited exchange in which she found out that both she and he were being kept away from the true political action, that Typhon was in High Keep to further his Liege's aims in Kalia and Three Oaks, and that Typhon was aware there were Abyssal operatives working in that area. For her part, Whispers revealed to Typhon that she herself was an exalt and that she had no intention to interrupt their plans so long as the economy in that area continued smoothly. After Typhon left, Whispers penned a missive to the Lord of the cities neighboring Kalia pleading for intercession on her behalf so that she might be seen by him or by the Hosue of Lords.

To be continued ...

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Updated 05-01-2009 at 02:30 PM by GoddessGood

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