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The Society of the Upper Room

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The Society of the Upper Room
The characters; Thalion (Elven Rogue), Rummy (Eladrin Wizard), Phaldara (Dragonborn Paladin), Taijiya (Eladrin Paladin), Bailim (Dwarven Fighter) and Tuan (Tiefling Rouge).
The characters met cordially in the small village tavern. Tuan and Taijiya arrived together and Rummy and Thalion were familiar as well. Bailim was affable and Phaldara was reserved. The arrival of the town elder, an ancient dwarf by the name of Miller Damselgear brought the group together by beseeching upon their collective kindness (and promise of pay) to investigate the continual disappearance of the village "dusties" and maidens. The entire town survives on the mill (run by Miller) with the mundane duties going to the "dusties" or young people of the town. Not only is the loss of young folk alarming but is potentially deadly to the free peoples of the town. Miller promises 25 Gold to each adventurer to bring word of the whereabouts of the town maidens and young. Taking them aside he mentions a personal loss of his adopted Halfling daughter, Talya, and offers to pay them his life savings of 500 gold for her return.
Thalion and Bailim act as spokespersons for the group and ask about the local baron. Miller expresses his disgust in his lord and the fact that all his lordship is interested in is collecting taxes. Bailim asks where Miller thinks the trouble originates. Miller takes the party a few hours away to an opening in the wood that leads to the ruins of a tower.
There is a clear entrance to the dungeons of the tower and Thalion begins to make an investigation. He and Tuan decide to follow the corridor to where it opens in a dimly lit room. Fortunately the party is only a couple of paces behind the stealthy duo as Thalion trips up, alerting their presence to the room's occupants, 3 card playing goblins. Tuan wastes no time and rushes in with both swords drawn, jumping on the table in anticipation of striking the gamblers, but his lofty goals are dashed when he stumbles on the edge of the table and finds his hand full with defense of his life. The party quickly comes to relieve some of the pressure but is slightly surprised as Goblin Blackblades appear from the shadows and begin to rain javelins down upon the invaders. Rummy begins to command the battlefield by casting decimating orbs of force and whirling blades. Phaldara and Thalion experience the goblins "shifty" tactics by their first misses but then acquit themselves well by dispatching their respective foes. Bailim wades into the midst in spite of damage taken and takes out one, forcing another to flee. Attacks launched at Taijiya prove as ineffective as her ability to hit any of these foes and she resigns herself to giving needed divine healing to Bailim. Tuan redeems himself at the end by launching 2 well placed shots in the fleeing Blackblade's back preventing him from reaching the end of the corridor to alert any allies. The only thing of real value is a pouch of 40 gold hanging from a chair and a parchment map of the village with the town mill encircled.
Thalion scouts the corridor as it makes a bend leading into a room with several goblins in a heated discussion. Seeing only about 5 goblins, including a Hexer the party decides to rush in. Rummy answers the Hexer's invective with frost, freezing the Hexer and killing 3 of his goblin companions. The remaining Goblin Cutter rushes to engage the group but he is deemed insignificant in the face of the 3 Fire Beetles that emerge from an unnoticed pile of rubbish and begin spraying fire on the everyone jammed in the entrance to the room, except Thalion who was able to break from the group and begin a series of damaging attacks to the wall of beetles. Bailim ignores the opportunity attacks from the beetles as he moves to a more advantageous position and Tuan moves into the vacant space to launch a flurry of blades against the beetles. Giant rats emerge from another pile of garbage only to fall victim to Rummy's frost spell and Rummy and the Hexer engage in a magical battle from which the Hexer comes out the lesser. He does manager to drive Rummy around a corner with damaging blindness but Rummy is undaunted by the blindness retaliating with a well placed magic missile. Phaldara and the line of tanks crush the beetle formation allowing Taijiya to kick aside the carcasses, stride up to the hapless Hexer and thwart any plans he had of escape as she runs her longsword through him and tosses him aside with the rest of the rubbish as she calls over her shoulder, "And that is how it is done, gentlemen!" From around the corner a recovering Rummy cheapens her victory with the yell, "Cherry Picker!".
Rummy continues to show himself as uncouth and further earns Taijiya's disgust when he uses the blood of dead goblins to extinguish the coals from a recently toppled brazier. Still, it takes Thalion to find the ruby (worth 120 Gold) cooling among the sour smelling coals. Rummy further degrades himself by digging among the maggot infested offal that concealed the beetles. Taijiya seems more accepting of Rummy's social shortcomings as he draws forth a longsword of exquisite make. Bailim, not to be outdone, dives into the other rubbish pile with abandon but comes up empty. Thalion will have no diving in foul offal so leave it to Rummy to jump right in to the other pile to come up with a moonstone worth 30 gold. Taijiya remarks, "What can one expect from an Eladrin Wizard who plans to use a Goblin
The party looks cautiously to the closed door and plans their advance.
To be continued.

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  1. Tamerath's Avatar
    This one time, my girlfriend's character and I were climbing down this shaft into a larger room...and when we landed the dm decided to whip out 5 fire beetles on us who all used their fire breath the very first surprise round...she went down as most of the fire was centered on her square, and I was close....I called the dm later on that week and said, "BAD DM!....BAD DM!" lol oh, the perils of learning a new edition huh?