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Tales of the Olde Phoenix

Penguicon 7, after action report.

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Con over time to start catching up with PnP, and life. Right now the house is upside down turned from a weekend of flying in and out. I have deliveries in the living room that I haven't even opened (everything arrived Thursday.) and opened boxes that have yet to be disposed of.

Down side, no gaming this weekend. The Lugraica game was canceled due to three of us not being able to make it. And my Saturday game as well due to the Con. Result you are getting a Con report not a game report. By Friday I'll be itching to get into a game again.

(BTW, I still think the blog interface lacks. Too small a window and you can't edit the posts. I'm writing this in Thunderbird to import.)

Friday was the usual check in and check out the basic layout of the con. My Son and I did the usual lunch so I was set for food until the next ice age. Downer, the program book was written by Lilliputians. It was utterly unreadable, and I was hearing that from people with good eyes or the nearsighted. Positive, my friends were there as usual.

Result it was a relaxacon for me. I did no programing. However it was fun. We didn't stay at the hotel this year and I missed that. Mainly it took my wife forever to get up and around Saturday morning. I was itching to get going and she wasn't. Not a problem when you have a room.

I spent the Con SMOFing with friends (if you don't know what SMOFing is you are not cleared for that information.) I prowled the dealers room and some how managed to not spend the mortgage money. I did relieve Amber Fox (no website) of that ammonite bowl I have been lusting after for years. The Amber Fox BTW are Rich and Angie Fox, who sell jewelry and lapidary related items. Good friends as well as people that have a lot of my money. I took a reluctant pass on the model catapults. Neat, but large. Not to mention effective enough I couldn't really use them in the house. I got a couple of fanish t-shirts to replace my dwindling supplies of same. It seems to be the year some of my old favorites hit the rag bag. I spent time with Rich Tucholka and Tri-Tac Games I picked up the new Fringeworthy d20 PDF in the process. (Have patience please, they are still sorting out web site problems from AOhelL.)

This year my computer geek friends and I ran a room party for the first time. MDLUG or Metro Detroit Linux Users Group hucked the bed from a hotel room, filled it with snacks and pop and it filled with fen. I good time was had and we gathered names for our announcement list (Yet to be created) The purpose was to raise awareness of our group in the local area. I believe it worked. We have our monthly meeting next Saturday. Postmortem then.

More can be had at LiveJournal

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