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English for RPGs – Part 09

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Another collection.


calvary (n) a representation (usu. carved) of the Crucifixion
cavalry (n) mounted soldiers (often with bugles)

A crude calvary was constructed on the side of the hill.
The cavalry cantered along the crest of the hill.


camaraderie (n) the spirit of fellowship
comrade (n) a companion

The group sat around the campfire, basking in the warm sense of camaraderie.
She asked her best comrade from work to join her on the excursion.


craven (n) coward
craving (n) persistent desire

The bootlicking craven slunk out of sight.
Pregnant women often have unusual food cravings.


dam (v) to hold back water by building a structure
damn (v) to curse, to condemn

The beavers dammed the creek to build their pond.
The street preacher damned everybody in sight for their moral failings.


do (v) to perform (an action)
due (adj.) as a result of

It is time to do this. Due to circumstances beyond our control . . .
(So it’s “to do” and “due to.”)

undo (v) to reverse an action, to unfasten
undue (adj.) excessive, improper

What we do, we can also undo.
The confession was not admissible in court as the police officers had used undue force when questioning the suspect.


hoard (n) a hidden stash
hoard (v) to collect, keep and store
(n) a teeming mass

The dragon added the blade to his hoard as the paladin no longer had need of it.
With the news of the impending invasion, the people began to hoard foodstuffs.
The demon horde swarmed over the town’s walls.


nauseas (n) plural of nausea
nauseous (adj.) feeling queasy

The flu and food poisoning have slightly different nauseas. (That’s the best I can come up with. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the plural used.)
The bilious stench was making me nauseous.


onto (prep.) upon, on the track of
unto (prep.) (rhet.) to

The detective, thanks to a timely tip from an informant, was onto the trail of the fugitive.
The Chinatown district was a city unto itself.


pastime (n) hobby, recreation
past time – late

The members of this board find roleplaying to be an enjoyable pastime.
It was past time for me to write up another instalment of this blog.


peal (n) a loud ringing of bells, a sudden noise (v) to ring out (as a bell or thunder)
peel (n) rind or outer skin (of fruit or vegetables) (v) to remove an outer covering

The peal of the church bell caused the vampire to stumble in pain.
The silent movie star slipped on a banana peel.


turbid (adj.) cloudy (of liquid, air, or thought)
turgid (adj.) swollen; bombastic or inflated (of writing)

The turbid liquid had an earthy scent.
The turgid prose was better suited to the outhouse than to the literary magazine.

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Updated 12-06-2009 at 11:31 PM by TAROT (added hoard (v))



  1. GoddessGood's Avatar
    Points for use of the word "turgid" XD