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Entering Elder Daven

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After leaving the sheriff behind in the custody of the village priest, the Ely, Rana and company continued on to Elder Daven.

They nearly fell victim to a strangely clean ogre that was plying the "trade" on the road to Elder Daven.

Heinrich managed to sneak up behind him and attempted to hamstring him but failed. When the ogre finally got the chance to go on the offensive, Heinrich found himself with a 50-pound great axe lodged in his left shoulder.

Brillara's arrows bounced off the barbarian's skin and Rana's fury of blows were met with a grin.

Finally, Ely managed to wheel around and get enough room to charge with his lance. The ogre was pinned to the hillside and is now serving The Walker for eternity.

Patching Heinrich up took every last bit of skill the party had. Not to mention the incredible amount of prayer.

The party limped into Elder Daven as the gates were closed and locked. The guards immediately formed up in a tight formation and took off down the street at a double time.

The shadows were making the streets more and more narrow as the Ely lead the group to Reeanan's Fortress (temple of Reeanan) located at the heart of the city. Moans, creaking bones and other inhuman sounds could be heard in the shadows. They had a distinct feeling that the dark was hungry. And they were the meal.

Along the rooftops, Brillara and Heinrich both spotted what appeared to be a bat-winged human. However, they soon lost it in the dwindling light.

Finally, thank Heshtail! The inner city wall was no more than 50 feet before them. Nothing stood in their way. Except for enormous mound of flesh, skin and muscle wielding a club the size of most gnomes. The ogre spoke halting Farlandish: "Vestri sacculus. Vestri cruor. Teres est sacculus? Vestri cruor!" He wanted their purses or the blood. Happy to take their blood.

With a well-placed lumberjack swing, Ely, full plate and all, was sent flying 7 feet into the building to his right. Nearly sent him to Heshtail's table early. As the rest of the party tried to absorb all that had just happened, Walter and Heinrich were attacked from the rear. No sooner had that happened, then darkness flowed from the roof above Ely. Down it flowed. Seconds before he was struck, he heard the flutter of wings. Whirling defensively, Ely managed to stave off a sneak attack but was again nearly laid low. Now certainly on death's door, and in the dark (literally) in a city so infested with undead it may as well be a necropolis, Ely cried for Heshtail's aid.

And the cavalry arrived. On angels' wings came Brogethor and Asirim, half-celestials sent from their native plain to assist in the struggle against the Walker and his Farland-side minion, the Dweller. In a ball of light and steel, they sent the would-be assassins slinking off into the night.

Brogethor and Asirim are allied with a human by the name of Chobry. He is one of the few men of any renowned that have not abandoned Daven. In fact, he finances the only city guard that exists (those men at the gate, among others) and is probably more powerful than the "king" himself is, if only he would wield that power.

Chobry mistakenly calls Ely "milady" and awkwardly and confusedly apologizes.

Captain Chobry puts the party up for the night and explains some of the finer details of the reality of living in Elder Daven nowadays.

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  1. Panthro82's Avatar
    LOL Heinrich! Thats his name! what was I calling him? lol. I knew it was wrong but I kept rolling with it.