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Farcaster's Musings

The Damned II (Session X) - Deeper in Mentiri

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Getting the Worms Out
The 49th day of Agony, 25306

After a fitful rest filled with the frustrated wailing of wights who press themselves futilely against the bars of the portcullis securing the makeshift throne room of the wight known as Darius, the party readies itself to head deeper into Mentiri.

Lore reveals her plan to remove whatever affliction or curse their unnamed "benefactor," placed upon them. Here in Mentiri, they cannot be observed by any sort of divination, so it is the perfect opportunity. She has purchased a scroll and the components needed to cast Remove Affliction multiple times. Tim agrees to try to cast this -- in fact he already has the spell.

Donaar is the first to have this cast on him. The process turns out to have an unintended side effect. Whatever Meliphisus had put in their heads had grown and integrated itself into their brains. The spell seems to destroy the creature, but not without causing some damage to the host (-1 int). Nonetheless, Snow and Jonas agree to have the worms removed.

Jonas, unfortunately, is killed outright during the removal. Tim is ready with a spell to resuscitate him, but when it comes to his turn, he must take an enormous risk. If the removal goes poorly and he dies in the process, there is no one to raise him. The party presses him to take the risk and the certainty that his faculties will be affected by the removal. Reluctantly Tim does so and thankfully the process goes well, save for the permanent loss of intelligence.

Out of the Crypts
The 50th day of Agony, 25306

Afterwords, they head up the stairs at the far end of the throne room and find themselves soon in a massive chamber reinforced by iron pillars thirty feet high. Within the massive chamber, positioned towards the end, is a circular hole about twenty feet wide in the ceiling. From above, they can hear the sounds of the guttural dialect of Supernal spoken by devils. There is an iron platform which takes up most of the circular pit, which is rigged to be lower to the floor of the chamber they are in.

As they try to decide how to proceed, they hear the sounds of heavy locks being unlatched from above and a great iron door being swung open. They retreat back from the opening and shortly after the platform is lowered. After it hits bottom, they hear someone say in the sinister tongue known as Deep Speech, "Get off the platform, cur!"

After the platform has been raised again, they are met by a descendant of Gith who introduces himself as Tebrion. Tebrion offers to help the party if they would be willing to assign him in reclaiming his gear. Although he was led to this pit in darkness, he was able to count their steps and knows the way back to where he believes Hope is being kept. He also has some small measure of telekinetic ability and can help them get up to the platform. The party is suspicious, but agrees.

The party is able to relatively rapidly storm the room above using a combination of a rope tied to the platform with mage hand, Tim's innate ability to teleport short distances, and Tebrion's telekinetic assistance. As they light up the room above, they realize in horror that it was a Beholder that they heard speaking in Deep Speech. Thankfully, this is a weaker sort known as an Eye of Flame. The party takes some awful scalding, but more concerning is that one of the legion devils guarding the room is able to sound an alarm bell.

After the fight, the party quickly picks the locks on the massive iron door and flees deeper into Mentiri to the most secluded and abandoned area they can find. Beaten, bruised, burned and exhausted they rest on the uncomfortable flagstone floor in an abandoned cell block.

The Hezrou
The 51st day of Agony, 25306

Their Gith companion, Tebrion, suggests an interesting idea. When he was being transported down to the dungeons, Tebrion remembers passing a cell block where he is certain a Hezrou was imprisoned. He suggests that the party create a diversion by freeing the Hezrou and letting it create a swathe of destruction.

The party, having no better option, agrees and they have Tebrion lead them to where the Hezrou is kept. Lore convinces the fairly dimwitted Hezrou that its best path to causing the most harm and destruction to its captors is to let the party live and find and slay everything else in its path. It agrees, but it does give Lore a good choking and a obligatory toss against the nearest wall after she frees it.

The gambit turns out to be worth it as this allows the party to slip by in its wake. Lore also transforms her appearance into that of a Succubus and the rest of the group pretends to be her thralls. This helps them either bypass roaming guards or at lest get the one up on them.

No Hope
The 51st day of Agony, 25306

At last, Tebrion leads the party to the cell block where Hope was being interrogated. The area is under guard by a pair of elite Legion Devils detached from Dispater's personal guard. They do not let the party past them without a fight, despite Lore's clever illusion. Apparently, they were only guarding Hope's things, because when they do get into the chamber where she was being kept, she is gone. They do recover Hope's gear, however, including the Tabard of Largesse.
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