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The horror of Yukon

What is your problem?

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So earlier today I went to the chatroom to help a player get his character ready for our online game for this weekend.

I enter the room, say howdy (as per softserve's request), and send a PM (mind you) to the player.

Then the conversation on general chat resumes as follows (to some effect):

person b: hi yukon
person a: sigh
person b: what's the deal, can't say hi to yukon
person a: he likes 4e
person b: yukon, what do you play
yukon: 4e

And I basically got pushed into a darn edition war. I was at work and decided to take 5 min out of my day (which I got minimal done anyway) to help a player, and I got baited into an argument.

Yes, I am prone to argument. It's my nature, but seriously, what is your problem? So what I like 4e? No reason to treat me like a jerk as a result.

As a result it put me in a very foul mood the rest of the day, and I got very pissy with my wife. I know I shouldn't let other people ruin my day, but I wish people would respect other people's opinions.

It is fine to have opinions, and it is fine to stand up for them, but it is not fine to verbally attack someone and scoff at them as a result in clash of opinions.

So to finish said argument, if the company is reading this, I will say this. You say powers are like spells. Even fighters get spells now.

Well what about 3.5? Is flurry of blows a spell? Is smite evil a spell? Is lay on hands a spell? Is cleave a spell? Is rage a spell? Is sneak atk or crippling strike a spell? Is woodland stride a spell?

I could go on and on, but what would be the point. THe point I am making is all of these class features are no different from the 4e powers. But somehow in 3.5 they are great, but in 4e they became spells.

Main point I am making, get off of your high horse. I have realized 3.x hardliners are such snobs. You act like interacting with those of us who enjoy 4e are so beneath you when it comes to rping and gaming in general. Like we are crude animals and you are too refined to play such a lowly system as 4e and those that play it don't appropriately appreciate a refined system like 3.5 (snobby laugh like in family guy ).

In short BACK OFF! You don't like 4e, keep it to youself. geez.

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  1. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    I'm amazed this stuff is still going on. We all have our favorite editions, why cant people respect others favorite editions. Sorry to hear it disrupted your day.

    So where were you scuba diving?
  2. yukonhorror's Avatar
    martha's quarry in KY (big hole with water)
  3. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    DotF are annoying.
  4. yukonhorror's Avatar
    DotF?? I ain't hip to your lingo
  5. yukonhorror's Avatar
    read your thread.

    Defender of the Faith, I am assuming. I like that. Zealots (of any kind [whether it be 3.5 edition, republicans, or atheists]) bug the crap out of me.
  6. Cubanfrog's Avatar
    Yeah, that's happened to me too. Exept reversed. I myself like 3.5 more than 4th and I don't brag about it. You like 4th more, I don't really care, 'cause I'm not in your group.

    I wouldn't consider all 3.x players snobs. There are people like that in 4th ed. players too. There are rpg nazis in both editions.