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The Brooding City: Chapter 4 Raiders

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After successfully capturing the magical items from the vault of Jasper Jewel, the resistance continued for week performing their duties in their cover professions. They are soon summoned by the resistance leaders for another mission.

A resistant cell had been raided by the City's special Blackguards. The cell had been performing operations in the adjacent precinct and was tipped off by an unknown traitor in the group. The fighters were detained at the Hyena Watch precinct which was commandeered by the blackguards for interrogation.

Srieska, Sylar, and Garrit attempted to gain access into the Prestinct with Garrit using his watchman rank, having Skylar posing as a criminal and Srieska as another guard (Conventially disguised with her new glamered armor). The Bluff however failed and the Hynea Watch , after being chastise by the Blackguards, ordered the group to vacate.

The group tried again with Srieska taking the guise of a blackguard. The Hyena watchmen, fearful of the Blackguards (and aided by the Psionic powers of Sylar) allowed them entrance, suggesting to them to take the prisoner to the kennels (as the prison was being occupied). At the kennels, Garrit managed to calm the dogs housed their and relieved the kennel master. After speaking with an animal, Garrit learned the number of blackguards and normal watchmen in the precinct.

As a distraction, the group released the dogs and they began to run around the complex, causing the guards to gather them up. In the confusion, the group slipped into the detention center. Srieska manage to convince several more blackguards to leave the detention center to help with the dogs. But other blackguards did not fall for the ruse and attacked. The battled was fierce but the guards had fallen.

In the prison cells they found two of the six resistance fighters who they realized and armed with the Blackguard swords. As they went to the interrogation room for the third their presence was found and they began to fight more blackguards, a Half ogre and the mysterious Interrogator. In the fierce battle, Srieska was badly wounded by the half ogre while Garrit ands one of their resistance fighters fell in battle. But still they manage to defeat the enemies around them. Sylar was left drained of power while Srieska was drained of her divine magic save her dragon shaman auras.

With the third prisoner yet to be found and the barred door of the detention center being assaulted by the blackguards and Hyena Watch, the resistances chances for escape look grim.

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