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back again

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Have this friend with out a computer and I let him use mine when he comes over. Four of us get together on Tuesday, me Josh, Daune and Roger. We generally talk and game. Duane came over and while we were waiting went upstairs to use the pc, no real big deal. Josh shows up and I yell up to Duane that we were going to play and was he going to. He yelled he was and we waited.

About 10 minutes later I yelled up again and he said he would be right down so the rest of us sat around bsing. This wa right around 12 after 1 I looked up and yelles again. We started to make Werewol sheets. He finally came down when I yelled I had to take him home to get ready for work.

Not sure if I am going to invite him over on Tuesdays anymore. I hid the disk he was playing because it always takes him awhile to get ready. Sunday it took me about 20 mimnutes to get rid of him. He is about 15 yrs older than me, I think 54. We generally feed him on Sundays and let him hang out because he lives with his brothers family.

Just a thought.

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