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first blog, look ma no hands

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ok, I am not sure how to do this so I will start in the middle of the story and go right to the begining.

Ahem, I am a 38 (39 on May 17) stay at home dad. For a while my wife has bothered me to take a class so I have.

I got a 27.5 out of 25 today on an essay. Even without the 4 pointas extra credit it was a 23.5 still an A. I have felt cheated because it was hard to get this. My last essay I got a 50.5 out 50. The problem was without the extra credit it would had only a b so I was a little upset. I have been told that I should have argued it but ythis is a writing class so it is subjective and he still has a couple more to do. I let it got, today I feel better. I got a great grade and feel vindacated.

But it still burns me sandy has a better grade than me, and she is so smarmy in a polite way.

well thats it for now hope I haven't bored anyone.

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