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The Brooding City: Chapter 3 The Vault of Jasper Jewel

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Escaping the cultist of Brother Gunther, the resistance fighters make way into the vault of Jasper Jewel. Their rescued potential sacrifice still unconscious, they leave her comfortable in the corner as they search their surroundings. Upon observation, Garrit notices the sound of footfalls and sweeping. Evidence the chamber has been cleaned is shown by the piles of dirt and dust swept in the corners by an Unseen Servant.

The chamber had only three doors to exit. The door to the south and east were very sturdy while the west was less. Garrit’s flesh-raker smelled no enemies and they went forward to examine the southern door, which was unlocked.

Detecting no traps they moved forward through another door that again lead to a wider hallway with a door at the end. Garrit approached but noticed a pressure plate in front of the end door and cautioned the others. Professor Skylar and Garrit entered the hall while Srieska stayed behind. The Professor attempted to disarm the trap but being with out any tools he accidentally set it off. The door they came through closed suddenly and the door ahead sprouted spikes and began to crank towards them slowly. Fortunately, Srieska’s mighty strength pulled the door open and they escaped before being injured.

They went back to the previous chamber and managed to break down the heavy door. Ithe passage twisted around the corner and Garrit noticed another presser plate in the floor midway in the passage. Garrit and Skylar manage to jump the plate, but Srieska, even after removing her armor miss jumped and landed on the plate getting cut by a scything blade. But being very tough, she shrugged it off and the three continued.

They emerged into a large chamber with six pillars. To the south they saw a strange stone door. Crumpled on the ground in fromt was strange skeleton of a half-human half-bird creature. Likewise on the floor were the skeletal remains of an armored man at the far end. On each tile were strange runes that the group discovered would ignite if step on. Srieska however, was able to thwart them with her sigils and she went to examine the skeletal remains.

Just as she entered the chamber, the harpy skeleton rose and attacked her, setting of the runes as it moved. Sireska tried to cast defensively a cure light wounds to attack the creature but failed so she ran back suffering a blow from the creatures club. Seriska suffered some damage, but manage to make it back into the entryway where Skylar and Garrit began attacking the skeleton. The battle was ferocious but the resistant fighters were victorious. From the human skeletal remains the group found a wand of cure light from the demised cleric of St. Baumus.

After resting, the group approached the strange door. Above the stone frame were eight small crystals. When Garrit touch them they gave off a musical intonation and lit in a seemly random way. The group also realized the door itself was an illusion but a magical force prevented them from moving through it. The professor began to recall his studies in music and managed to find out the musical letters produced the word FASCADE that he spoke and the barrier came down.

In the vault of Jasper jewel the resistance fighters found several useful items: a Magical breastplate that changed into other illusionary clothing, a cold iron scimitar, a Thorn bag , a Djor of Cloud Mind, and several potions of healing. Through a magical alcove the group was teleported back to the House of Red Lanterns, a house of ill repute where they were thrown out.

They returned the Old Harpy Theatre to finds it abandoned, but they managed to find some useful treasures left over. But the evil cult of Mammon, was not completely destroyed and that alone begins to worry our warriors.

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