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Tales of the Olde Phoenix

After Action, Saturday May 18th

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Ron -- Johnny male Elf, Toymaker
Sue M -- Sharpy female 1/2 Elf fighter
Tom -- Sy male mostly human psionic
Sue S -- Nelida female mostly Human cleric with a few tricks.
Ben was absent due to family obligations.

We picked up where things has left off. After selling the book they went back to the hideout to discuss what to do with all the money. They left one sheet of the ancient hand drawn porn with the scholar Luigi Burni took it for tests. It was valuable if old, but of little interest if simply good.

Discussions were in progress when there was a scream form the street. Benny A gang member had been shot. Before anyone could react several more shots rang out and Benny was dead.

Sharpy went to the second story window to give cover fire. Other gang members went out the back to come around via another street. Nelida turned cat and attempted to get Benny's body off the street, she was shot in the process but pulled it off. Sy and Johnny teleported behind one of the assassins and killed him very dead.

Next round, Nelida finding that Benny was dead cast cure light wounds on herself. Sharpy continued covering fire managed to wing the second shooter.. Sy and Johnny moved around to get the next assassin.

Third round Johnny got behind the second shooter and knocked them out. They were then dragged into the Gang house.

The gang at the front hurried out back to find a scene of carnage. seven bodies littered the alley. Five from their own gang including the two Gang leaders and two from whoever the opposition was.

The captured shooter was stripped proving to be a female half centaur. Legs, another gang member that happened to be a male half centaur was well interested. He was told to save if for later. She was drugged up until passed out and Sy went to work on her head. The gang quickly l;earned that she was a member of Rico's Raiders. This was a reconnaissance in force, an attempt to weaken the Jets for easy picking,.

The raider had faired worse they they might have liked. They lost four of fifteen members with horsey girl spilling all the beans including the location of the Raider's hideout and internal organization Johnny decided it was time to finish this. The half centaur was tossed in the gang prison (they have one)

Rico's Raiders have been a thorn in the side of several gangs in the area. Some talk and posturing had taken place about a joint raid on the Raiders. so far nothing had come of it. Johnny sent running to the known gangs in the area. The Catmen, led by a Leoman female, The East Side Elites, led by a supposed Dominan Don and the High Street Hellhounds, an Elven gang responded.

Johnny said "We are taking down the Raiders who is in?" All present were in. The Hellhounds had an army demolition pack they supplied. Two charges. The Catmen had flash bang grenades. With the intelligence from the girl they set up the raid. The Elites would block the main door with an old car. The back door covered by snipers including Sharpy, who was placed to kill the roof guard.. Two holes would be blown in the building and they would go in shooting. Any separated rooms would get the flash bangs.

The raid was pulled off in two rounds with only one light casualty to the Catmen. All eleven of the remaining Raiders were killed including Rico. 17 of their kept women survived. Those killed having died in the initial blast.

The girls were taken in by the various gangs, 6 going with the Jets. Each gang got 500gp taken form the Raider's hoard. Nelida healed the one Catman solider wounded. All parted on good terms.

The half Centaur girl was shown the head of Rico and given two choices., Join the Jets, or die. After some consideration, "Legs" being part of that consideration, she joined. Sy assuring the gang that she was upright about it. The Raiders, a mainly male group had not treated her well.

At this point the few days that Burni has spoken of were past. He called the gang with news that indeed the porn was old, and offered them an additional 500 gp for the five sheets of ancient obscene drawings. They took it. A day later Burni himself shows up in a more beat up car to examine the Alabaster idols deep under the house. The larger of the two cannot be moved and is in the undamaged temple. However the smaller idol is saleable. Burni said that he would look for a patron willing to buy it. It was beyond his means to buy. he used his imager to take pictures.

The session ended with a big block party thrown in the courtyard that resulted from tearing down the ruined house that the raiders had attacked them from.


Saturday May 2 is canceled due to Penguicon.

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