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Kevins Game-Savage Tide Part 5

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Oh, how the Cleric and wizard out shine us all...

This session proved to be pivotal on how our martial PC's have greatly been overshadowed by our spell casting partners.

Our mission was to find our wreck sea Wyvern on the sandy shores of the Isle of Dread in hopes of fixing it up in response to the Crimson Fleet's coming attack. Save for captain Shar, we are all 9th level.

Naturally, we get a random encounter of a hezrou on the ship. Even with my hasted multi-shot Evil outsider bane bow and evil outsider favored enemy I could never hit. It takes our Radiant Servant of Pelor all to super size it with his holy great sword to start dealing massive damage. Then the stupid creature uses blasphemy and hoses us all. The DM was kind and we came to as the creature spent its time wrecking the ship. Our servant of pelor manage to dimensional anchor it to keep it here as we finally brought it down.

Needless to say, our Monk, Swash/Pirate, and me ranger scout could provide limited help except in damage whittling.

The next example was when we discovered our ship and knew something was going to live in the hull. The Wizard sent a magical probe to seek the ship and discovered a dino in the water. Captain Shar, against better judgement swam out on her water stead and try to draw it's attention. We began the assult on the dino when sharks appeared attacking Shar (Shar/Pirate)and Chongo (Monk). I stayed behind firing my bow but spotted a sea humanoid creature who immediately cast Dominate person on me. So I spent the whole encounter trying to kill the other players!

I only able to hurt the wizard with one skirmish. He turned invisible and I tried to use my seen the unseen skill trick to no avail. I tried against the cleric but he had outrageous AC. He turned into Super Pelor managed to grapple me easily and hold me down. Then he tossed me to Chongo as he waded in the water to take out the druid who dominated me.

It was with Chongo that the fun occured. I learned back in a previous battle that I was too easily grappled by others so I increased my escape artist. Chongo had a hard time holding on to me. To make it even funnier I successfully used an intimidate on him forcing him to release the grapple and I had him shaken. I constantly smacked him with my skirmish arrows till finally the others killed the creature and the spell was broken. A good thing since I would have killed him in the next round.

The point I make is that Clerics and wizards overshadow everyone.

I had though of being a Paladin/holy warrior should Miko die, but realized I would be a better warrior as a Cleric. Isn't that nuts? Makes you understand the appeal of book of 9 swords and E6. The spell casters won't overshadow every freaking person.

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Updated 04-15-2009 at 09:19 AM by wizarddog

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  1. Borodeva's Avatar
    LOL, I just found this. You forgot DRUIDS! Druids also overshadow every freaking person. Big nasty wildshaped druids with big nasty animal companions FTW!
  2. wizarddog's Avatar

    But we don't have a druid in our group (I don't count Shar's boyfriend as he knows nothing about the game) so that is not an issue. Divine metamagic and radiant Servant of Pelor are know game unbalancers. And wizards in the rights hand are just nasty.

    However the DM is aware of the power creep and has given all the martial PC's an extra feat. I took Many shot and had a field day firing off two arrows in a standard action. Had to keep reminding the DM it was standard (ready action and surprise round baby!)

    Currently our weakest PC's are Captain Shar and Krunskin. Their tatics seem a bit off. Krunskin keeps forgetting to use power attack. He should realize that him hitting is not always what we need. We need damage done and his power attack is the best way to do that. Presonally, since he is now adiciple of pelor (beacus ehe neraly died) he should eb force to take a modified version of the Pious templar.

    Captain Shar is too dependant on flanking and criticals which she never seems to confirm (unless she is charmed). I also think Shar wants her water mount to be almost like a animal companion but since she has not taken any animal handling skills to teach it tricks, I think its disingenius of her to have it act in that way.

    The monk out performs them without even trying.

    I'm no combat whiz either but I perform my function(s) well. I am the spotter, the trap monkey, the ranged combatant, the scout, and the sneaky guy. And if I do attack I can +5d6 to my damage. But I don't get a kick out of combat anyway.