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The group is forming

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Good times guys. I have left the comments section open so feel free to post what types you want to play. if you have any questions I ask you direct them to my email address rather than the blog to keep things tidy.

Remember 11 jan.

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  1. Jaydameon's Avatar
    This is Jay. My friend and I have created our characters. He is going to play his Dragonborn Avenger Paladin and I am going to be playing with my Elf Archer Ranger.
  2. benjaminze's Avatar
    Hey this is Ben my friend an I will be playing a cleric and a warlock
  3. Kwykblade's Avatar
    Hey guys, I am Jay's friend, the one playing the Paladin. Just wanted to stop in so you guys know who I am and can contact me.
  4. Zaistars's Avatar
    Good to hear from you all. A couple more replies and we'll be good to go.
  5. AEBRPPKS's Avatar
    Sorry I wasnt quicker to respond. I caught a gnarly case of the pink eye, not being able to open your eyes impedes computer use. I have to intention of a playing as a magic user/wizard (whatever its called in 4E). Im trying to get ahold of the new players manual but for some reason none of the major bookstores in the region have it (although they all seem to have an ample supply of Dungeon Masters guides and Monster Manuals).
  6. Kwykblade's Avatar
    The two casters in 4th ED are a warlock and wizard. We already have a warlock but they are more of raw power. Wizard is a classic magic user and is used to control the battlefield with status enchantments and mass damage while the warlock is used to a DPS (or mass damage to one target).

    You might want to order the book online because they are selling like hot cakes in stores.

    Edit: The Game Matrix on south Tacoma way and 84th has them. Its a great store and I love to go there.
    Updated 01-03-2009 at 01:22 AM by Kwykblade
  7. AEBRPPKS's Avatar
    I bought the new and improved thirty five dollar fourth edition players manual (wasnt 3rd edition only like 20 dollars a book back in the day? Man things have changed!). Dragon men? What happened to half orcs?What happened to summoning creatures? What happened to barbarians? What the hell is a warlord? What have they done to D&D?

    I wanted to be a wizard going on the assumption summoning creatures (necromancy/outsider control etc) was still hip, apparently it isnt! Is this stuff in another book or is it gone along with 3rd edition?
  8. Kwykblade's Avatar
    I am sorry you are disappointed thus far. 3rd Edition was 30 bucks a pop not 20 sorry. But yeah a 5 dollar increase when you buy all three books (not to mention the supplements that are coming) does start to add up, so yes times have changed.

    Dragonborn (or as you called them Dragon men) was introduced late 3rd Edition in the supplement book "Races of the Dragons". Barbarians were not introduced in the release of the players hand book but they have release it in the magazines (Which eventually I hope they will release in a formal book). They do plan on adding some of the previous classes such as druids. And I believe the Half-Orcs will be release later as well.

    As for the summoning, I am disappointed as well. I liked playing the True Necromancer with the raising of the undead and such. But that tends to be more evil then neutral or good don't you think? They were trying to keep the party away from the evil alignments cause it conflicts with the party. As for outsider control or normal monster summoning I don't know what they have done. We can only hope that they will come back later. I do know that they mention in the Monster Manual that angles, devils, demons, and elemental are summoned but as for players doing it I don't know if they will release it or not. I hope they expand spells in the Players Handbook 2 that is coming out. So there is a good possibility of improvements.

    So far I enjoy the new addition, they were trying to focus on adventuring and combat instead of a player having 10 creatures running around going solo. Which can ruin the fun of the party. A lot of the good in 3rd edition they kept and got rid of some of the things that slowed it down such as profession skills, crating skills, and perform skills.

    [B]EDIT: You can summon creatures through rituals such as a Golem, Guardian, Helmed Horror Homunculus. As well as creating vampires, liches, and other such things. They are permanent. [/B]

    What ever you decide I hope you find happiness and don't take the changes to hard. I hope to see you at the gaming night and if not I bid you farewell.
    Updated 01-04-2009 at 12:49 AM by Kwykblade
  9. Kwykblade's Avatar
    I stand corrected. My buddy Jay has showed me that the Players Handbook was 20 and everything else was 30. So you were right AEBRPPKS. I apologize.
  10. AEBRPPKS's Avatar
    Pardon my late posting, I have been rather preoccupied with work and being a bit ill. I am still reading the players manual and fleshing out my character. I am leaning more to a fighter at this point.

    I do have one issue, I am without a vehicle and my good friend recently had truck trouble. I am working on obtaining a ride from another friend there is a still high probability of my coming. I live on a military post, so even if you guys felt inclined to do so you couldnt give me a ride.
  11. AEBRPPKS's Avatar
    I apologize, secondary transportation have fallen apart. I will try to obtain a tertiary avenue but at this point it is not looking good.