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Into the Mists

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Coming back from Vegas I had a long time to think on the drive home. I have so many ideas brimming over but now it's time to get back into the swing of things. The Good News...I'll have time for my daily life and get a good jump on Castle Ravenloft conversions, or reimagined encounters....the BAD gaming for what looks to be 4 weeks...maybe I'll work faster this way and convert what I can in that time...Castle Ravenloft is almost a campaign in itself....I'VE SO WANTED to do this since I first read a Ravenloft adventure (The Created I think)...but the first time I heard about Domain Lords..and how Strahd is a key figure...just got me dreaming. I couldn't find the perfect time to run this till now...4th Edition...and more heroic than ever. I set my player's characters to level 10 and as the doors open they'll see Strahd Von Zarovich in all his undead majesty.....after a long pause he speaks, "Haven't you heard that those who enter Castle Ravenloft never escape?" With a villianous laugh he throws his arms up as all the candle flames roar up then extinguish leaving the party in darkness with the boom of the ancient doors sealing behind them. They are about to fight their greatest challenge yet....

Side Note: I didn't do that bad in Vegas...won maybe 20 dollars on penny slots..and the shows are incredible!. Saw Blue Man Group (AWESOME, HIGH ENERGY), Terry Fator (Great comedian and ventrilloquist...however that's spelled), and Chris Angel (in a Circus del sollie performance...where I was HUGELY dissappointed...and I really like Mind Freak). I took all my 4th Edition books I needed to convert....but never had a single moment to pull them out...which I find incredible because in the past I've always made time to work on d&d.

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  1. Frank Jamison's Avatar
    4 weeks! I'm going through withdrawals!