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Creativity + Adulthood = Frustation

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I'm very frustrated lately. I have a whole heap of creativity waiting to be unleashed, and nowhere to unleash it. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

I'm 36yo, married, 1 daughter & 2 dogs. I'm a homebody, and happily so. When I'm not working or spending time with my family, I'm online being an internet junkie. Can't get enough of it.

My wife, however, is a social butterfly. She goes out with her sister, with her friends, she enjoys doing stuff out of the house. She's not always out doing things, but she prefers to go out rather than stay home.

So she suggested to me back around September or so that I think about finding a hobby to get me out of the house & meeting new people. It came to me pretty quickly...D&D! I always loved my D&D sessions as a teenager, so why not look to join a group?

So I found this site, and I love it...absolutely love it. And I found a group in about a month, not bad huh? We were going to meet weekly, but that turned around real fast. We've met 4 times in the last 5 months or so...and the first 3 were in November & December, and the 4th I couldn't make it to.

So now I'm trying to get more groups going. I've had contact with around 4 people, and nothing has come to full fruition yet. Everything's either in the planning stages or dead ends.

Ok, I've got other hobbies. I'm a fan of pro wrestling since 1977...can't stand the more current product, but like D&D, I'm very sentimental about the old days. So I'm trying to put together a kayfabe-era e-fed. Got lots of interest when I first mentioned it in my Yahoo Group, but now that I'm putting effort into creating our wrestling universe, no one's speaking up.

Now as much as I sound like a whiner and a spoiled brat, let me say that I do understand the difficulty in following through with gaming plans. We're all adults now, we have responsibilities that take priority over simply "playing games," but its still frustrating (look at the title of my blog). I feel like I have all this creativity & no where to put it.

Frustrating, simply frustrating.

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