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The horror of Yukon

roster additions and adventure ADD

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Like I have said before, our group has serious ADD when it comes to adventures. We would get presented this amazing plotline, and we'd see something shiny and move to something else.

One time, we found these portals. They transported us to an oriental country (who knows how far it was from our stuff!). Didn't want to get stuck over there, so jumped right back in and abandoned that adventure.

We scaled this very tall mountain (will go in depth on another entry cause I remember details for this one), and at the summit there seems to be a retired volcano (actually seems as though the hole was deeper than how high the mountain was). There was probably some serious planning going into that adventure. Didn't want to get stuck down there, went back down mountain.

These are the ones I remember. Before I came in, I remember them mentioning some jewel, some mummy hand, some bounties to be collected, etc...

Our DM probably hated us.

After the debacle with the golden bow, we had some serious roster additions. The paladin who started before me got the gamer itch, and rejoined as did the ranger.

We added in my friend the druid, who had some really awesome ways to describe his actions (good RPer). My favorite was "sheets of wreathing flames burst from his hands." [in very throaty voice]. It was burning hands, which if you know 1e druid spells, is not as cool as our druid would make it out to be.

We also added in a monk and a magic user. Yes, it was getting out of hand at this point, but that's sort of ok. Those two became very good friends of mine, and were part of the hard-core staple of future games.

Soon after that we added the thief's real life sister, paksinarian. She was a paladin. The most amazing stat rolls I have ever been privy to, and she didn't have a clue of what was going on. 18,18,18,17,16,11 and when when she put the 18 into str, she rolled a 98.

For the uninitiated, in 1e, if you were a warrior class and you had an 18 str, you rolled percentile to see how awesome you 18 str was.

Then we added another thief (halfling), and somewhere we added yet another thief (elf).

So we went from the core four, to a cleric, a druid, 2 paladins, a ranger, a fighter, 2 magic-users, an illusionist thief, a halfling thief, an elven thief, and a monk.

Now we didn't play all 12 all the time, but it was usually a consistent 7-8, but I learned, 4-6 is max for me.

Next time, a coherent adventure.

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1e reminiscing


  1. ChaunceyK's Avatar
    I remember one time we were beckoned one way or another to enter a cave. In it was a Beholder. We didn't want to fight a beholder, and it didn't see us (my Thief probably moved silently or something), so we decided to leave.

    DM wasn't having none of that.

    "A strange force is pulling you into the cave."

    My fellow player argued it to high heaven, but the DM insisted we play it anyway.

    Sometimes, the players really shouldn't have absolute decision on whether or not to accept an encounter/adventure.
  2. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    Our game is a lot like that. We just play with whomever shows up that night. There is usually a core of about four or five players, plus three or four others who show up from time to time. Last week we had nine players! Two new guys plus the DM decided to play his re-done character as well. Honestly I think I prefer fewer players.