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Session 7

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The session began with Hockerbrecht getting to roll a d10 due to attaining 5th level as a fighter. He fared better than Weslocke did in the fact that he gained 3 more hit points.

After awaking and taking care of their usual morning rituals, the party heads forward toward the next location on the map. As they travel, Arocken rides ahead of the rest to look for anything that may impede their progress. As she rides, she notices that where the road makes a sharp right turn, there is an enormous rock that sits straight ahead. It looks as if this is why the road turns right. She rides back to the rest of the group and tells them of the sharp turn ahead where the rock is. The party comes up to where they can see the rock and since it doesn't seem to pose any problem again proceed forward. As they get close to the rock, they are surprised to see Ogres come from around both sides of the rock. As the party moves to meet this attack, they are pleased to see that there are only 3 Ogres coming around each side of the rock. As the battle began, Weslocke was able to send forth a magic missile spell. As the first Ogre fell to a final strike of Arockens scimatar, it fell over onto the one beside it, pinning the second underneath its dead body. See that the ogre that was pinned had the misfortune of having its back towards Dunil, the little halfling took advantage of her backstab ability and dealt it a mortal blow by hitting it in the heart with her short sword. Benedict and Cathartic each took a side to be able to heal the most number of injured fighters. Fortunately, there was only a need for 2 Cure Light Wounds from Benedict, since the ogres strikes rarely found their marks. Once Veda got the heavy cart stopped, she was able to get a magic missile spell off too. This helped to give the party the upper hand on the other side, just as it did on the opposite side with Weslocke's spell. With a few more well placed attacks, the party was able to finish off the ogres. <amazingly the dice were being awfully nice to the party tonight. most of their attack rolls were 17 or higher, to include numerous natural 20s.>

After the fight was over, they got the ogres piled up and then ate lunch. Before they continued on, they set fire to the bodies of the ogres. As they neared the spot of the next location on their map, they could hear loud crashes up ahead. Using the abilities of his boots and cloak of elvenkind, Hockerbrecht scouts ahead to see what is making the noise. He finds 2 Stone Giants throwing boulders of varying sizes and he returns to the party and tells them what he found. Seeing the size of the boulders being tossed around, Hockerbrecht is in no hurry to have a confrontation with the giants. Benedict and Arocken go to see if they can talk with the giants, since Benedict is able to speak Stone Giant. Since the two people approaching don't have weapons out and don't seem to be much of a threat, the giants do converse. They tell Benedict that no wagons have passed through since the narrow passage at the far end of the valley was closed shut by a massive rock slide many years ago. They have not seen any elf with a large dog ever. The giants are hungry and ask if they may get some food from the party. Benedict tells them of some food in the ogres cave. Since they will get food, the giants offer to trade a scroll that they can't read for some coins. Benedict goes back and has Hockerbrecht come up with his bag of holding. They give a sack filled with 1,625 coins and the giants give them the scroll. The giants then leave to go get their friends to go find the ogres food. Arocken, Benedict and Hockerbrecht rejoin the rest of the party and they decide to go back to the campsite from the night before. Since there is some extra daylight left, the magic users take advantage to study their spell books. Dunil negotiates a way to get an accurate counting of the different types of coin that the party has and concedes that it will be kept in Hockerbrecht's bag of holding. They first take 3 sacks and put 500 coins in each bag, one has gold, one has silver, and one has copper. The remaining coin they have goes into separate sacks before going back into the bag of holding. The break down is thus:

55 Platinum
2,470 Gold
2,750 Electrum
6,917 Silver
3,800 Copper

The other gems and jewels that they have attained are put in the sack with the platinum coins. Arocken was using the time to look for signs of the elf or unicorns and doesn't find either. She was happy to find fresh tracks of the other two bears from the day before. They decide that they will start out early the next day so that they can push on to make it back to the Gnomes village the following night.

They start at first light the next morning and even only stop briefly to water the horses at streams and give them some grain at mid day. Fortunately, their journey back to the village was uneventful, but a long hard drive to make it. By the time they reach the village gate, night had already fallen. Fortunately, they arrive to find the same guard crew that was there the first time they came upon the village, and the guards acknowledged them and allowed them entrance with no questions. The party stops at their locked building and take the three sacks of coin from the wagon inside. They then take the horses and wagon over to the stables to be cared for and then go back to their lodging. After the long days ride to get back to the village, they are all looking forward to a good nights rest.

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