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Las Ravenloft

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So in my previous post you see that I had a lot of lofty ideals that I had planned for last adventure....did they happen? Well...not exactly.

Before I even begin I fell prey to the "Underestimating the Players" rule that every dm stumbles on every once a blue moon. I knew, as I planned last adventure that even as I was going to kill my party that they'd come back....BUT...they didn't know they fought tooth and nail, used everything in their power to stay alive, and fled when all the chips were down. I frankly couldn't kill them after that. I'm definately not one to kill in roleplay. Especially after an event that killed one of my old favorite characters...something like this:

(spoken to the group in a tent...)
"Well, frankly the king isn't paying us much..we'd be better off kidnapping the king and holding him for randsom...snicker...giggle"

DM: Two guards hear you....they take you to jail...start rolling up a new character because you are dead

Me: "Really?! dead dead? Like I don't get to try to get myself out of the jam at least?"

DM:'re dead.

lol while that DM probably didn't like me throwing off his game probably...I actually like my players to challenge me to what can I say...Strahd came down to kill them at his moment of triumph...and my pcs fought back...No they didn't do much damage to him they REALLY survived..and when they saw that's all they were doing they found a way to distract them with a mutual enemy while they escaped. I think if anything...they should be I did in a way.

So as a DM to you readers...yeah it screwed up a good idea...but hey, players are players and if you limit yourself to only ideas that are in your head and not letting your players take a bit of control over their fates I think it does the game an injustice. Besides.....I got plenty of ideas up my soon they'll find out when they step onto the battlements of Castle Ravenloft for the first time.

So the title is Las Ravenloft and you might be wondering why...we'll this swordmage is heading to Las Vegas tomorrow..and while I'll try to convert Castle Ravenlofts 90 plus rooms and encounters I don't think it'll be ready for the next session. But trust me when I say it's going to be incredible.

Also I might be getting a couple of new players to our group...and whether they decide to just jump in for some scary Ravenloft goodness or stay in our group permenently I want to welcome them all the same. Can't wait to play next! Wish me luck on the slots!

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  1. Otakar's Avatar
    I appreciate the posting. It gives me encouragement and ideas as a DM. Good luck on the slots, Tamerath. A friend of mine just came back $4K ahead from the Bellagio by playing Penny slots. Not sure why they call them Penny slots, he had to put in $2.00 a pull to finally hit it big.
  2. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    Best of luck with your Ravenloft Campaign, Tamerath. I'm sure it will be a blast.

    Enjoy your trip to Vegas.

  3. Frank Jamison's Avatar
    Ah ha, Tamerath! I found your secret scrolls!

    Tried to kill us, you did at that! I fell off the tower wall while Ireena was swooped away by Strahd.

    I'm glad that demon was there to distract him. We'd have been toast for sure if his attention was solely on us!

    Good times!
  4. Windstar's Avatar
    Tamerath, good luck and I am sure you and your player will enjoy Ravenloft, I did even when the going was rough.