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Farcaster's Musings

Wizards of the Coast Illegal Filesharing Suit

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So, Wizards of the Coast announced today that they have filed suits against some despicable individuals who violated copyright and redistributed PDFs they purchased of the Players Handbook 2. I say bravo to that! I somehow doubt that the persons responsible has any assets worth WotC's time to sue over, but maybe they can at least cause these people some pain and perhaps a couple decades of wage garnishment.

However, at the same time, Wizards also decided to pull the online sale of all PDFs of their material. Not only that, but they yanked all download access to materials that had already been purchased. And, with what notice? Apparently, none. Paizo sent out emails today notifying people who had access to digital books they purchased from WotC saying that their access would be terminated at 11:59PM the very same day. What time did I receive that email? 7:48PM. Bad move, Wizards. Bad move.

The fact is that there were illegal PDF copies flying around long before Wizards decided to offer digital copies of their books. In fact, its because someone was foolish enough to redistribute a PDF they bought from Wizards that had encoded information about the buyer that they were able to identify the culprit and bring a suit against them at all. I really doubt that this is going to fix anything at all. But, they have managed to tick off a lot of people.

At the very least, they should have given people who purchased their PDFs more time to make sure they had a solid backup of their copies. They deserve every ounce of the venom that has already begun to bubble up for making such a brazen, inconsiderate customer service blunder.

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