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Tales of the Olde Phoenix

After Action report Saturday April 4-4

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Here we are, blog and blog again. Another pointless spewing form the desk of.

After action, Saturday 4-4

With all players present we got underway on time. Unheard of, but we try.

The party finished the exploration of the levels under the house, they found an old Elven primer in the ruins of an archive storage room. Something that might be worth money.

Old Terry paid a call and helped them clean out the temple of Demigorgon. He destroyed the idol, and that took care of the "evil" in the room. the gang took the skulls back to the crypts and placed them in one of the chambers with a door.

Johnny rigged traps on the three doors that mattered, the one leading to the sewers, the one to the underground, and the one into the crypt. He was going to rig a secret door in the kitchen washroom so they could get in to the basement, that took a trip to Alleged Hardware.

At the Hardware Johnny and the others shopped for the bits he needed while two unknowns where trying to pawn off a bot of hardware that "fell of the back of a truck". In poking into the unknown bit of gear one of the two found a high voltage capacitor. With a yell he was on the floor. Neldia cast a quick cure light on him and Johnny hit the pair up for payment, They tossed the gold at the party and fled. Sammy, the owner of Alleged Hardware pushed the still unidentified box at the group for the "entertainment". It is still unidentified.

The door was quickly made.

A runner reported that cops were raiding a tenement in the Jets territory. The party investigated. Two cars and four cop on the street. Bernie tried a friendly approach and was told to get lost with a gun in the face. He got. All except Bernie went in the back way and found four more cops in an upstairs hall. Bernie went back to the Gang HQ for backup. Shouting indicated they were "questioning" a female resident, loudly, about some object she claimed to have no idea of. Neldia cast a fear spell, the four in the hall fled.

Meanwhile downstairs 11 gang members start to fire on the cops to scare them off. About that time the four under the effect of the fear come piling out the door. All eight flee the scene. Two more cops come out of the apartment with a woman in cuffs. Johnny back stabbed one and Nelida turned cat killing the other. The party gains two set of cop gear.

With the resident's permission they searched the apartment, it seems her former boyfriend left a hidden compartment. A data stick is found with an address on the other side of the river.

The data stick was successfully hacked and a file listing several of the missing gods with vague clues on how to recover same. Tom clairvoys the address after some research, it proved to be the lair of a rich and eccentric scholar with an interest in antiquities. They decide to use the book as an opener. they get the number for his comm off the comm itself and call him. An interview is set up for the "Bridge Bar" on the old city side of the bridge.

The bar proves to be a clean joint a mile outside the city proper. It is frequented by bridge workers and middle management types from the factories. The next day they meet the man and his female gunboat. Berine tries to make time with the gunboat. He gets a number from her, for the morgue. However, talks with the Scholar are more profitable. They sell the book for 928 gp and get a contact.

Play ended here for the night.

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