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Farcaster's Musings

The Damned II (Session IX) - Mentiri

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Unintended Consequences
The 46th day of Agony, 25306

After her discussion with Mason and the realization that he will betray any or all of them given the right motivation, Lore leaves the Crown of Iron where Mason has been staying. After she makes her way out of the front door, she makes a quick change into common clothes and then transforms herself into an exact duplicate of Mason.

As Mason, she sneaks back into the Crown of Iron and up to the proprietor's bed chambers. She intends to find the safe that she supposes Murdle, the owner, keeps and rob it to frame Mason who has been sharing Murdle's bed for the past few days. Before she can find the safe, she is interrupted by Murdle who walks in on her.

Of course, Lore appears to be an exact duplicate of Mason, and she manages to assuage any concerns Murdle might have by coaxing Murdle into bed. Before things go too far -- and thank the gods for that -- Lore manages to get Murdle to drink a glass of wine that has been poisoned with a powerful sleeping agent.

Now transforming herself into Murdle's image, Lore sends for Mason, who is downstairs. She then takes all of Mason's gear which he left in Murdle's room and robs Murdle of whatever valuables she can find. When Mason arrives, he finds Murdle on the bed, naked and knocked out.

Seeing that he has been effectively framed, Mason looses all sense and decides to get a dagger and slit Murdle's throat on the spot. After murdering her and armed with only a dagger, he plows a swatch of death through the inn, slaughtering anyone who gets in his way. He makes it halfway to the Fetter's bridge when he is apprehended by an osyluth--a bone devil, and part of the elite police force in Dis.

Someplace They'd Never Look
The 46th day of Agony, 25306

The Infernal Guard is still searching for the rest of the party even as Lore make's her way back to the abandoned warehouse she left them at. And, the situation with Mason has brought the entire district on even higher alert. Sneaking the entire party out of the district is extremely risky. However, the IG are already systematically searching all the buildings in the area, so staying put may be even more dangerous.

The party decides to take their chances and try to sneak out. Lore convinces the party to help her sneak into the most famous prison in all of Hell known as Mentiri. She has other reasons which she does not share with them to do this, but she tells them that a paladin by the name of Hope was recently arrested and brought to the prison. Hope was in possession of a holy relic known as the Tabard of Largess, which is part of a set of armor known as the Armor of the Penitent. Lore would like the party's help to rescue Hope if she's still alive and the Tabard in either case, because it is certain that should the devils realize what they have, they will destroy it.

The party is dubious about sneaking into a fortified prison in Hell, but agrees nonetheless. Before they set out, Lore quickly pawns off Mason's gear she stole and buys a scroll and some reagents which she hopes will be helpful for her plans. She also enlists the help of Tristan, a half-orc, half-elf fighter whom she can trust. He agrees to come along with them.

Lore leads them out of the district via a network of underground tunnels and back alleys. Unfortunately, they are waylaid along the way by a pair of succubi sisters and some paid mercenaries who were tracking Lore somehow. They fight the devils off, killing one of the sisters, Lusterious, but they are unable to prevent the other sister's escape.

The 48th day of Agony, 25306

It takes two days to reach Mentiri traveling the vast labyrinthine streets of Dis. Lore leads them to a secret underground entrance that will take them into the deepest bowels of the prison. Lore warns them that this level is thick with undead.

Tim remembers some history of this place and explains that when a living person is captured and brought to Mentiri, the devils actively attempt to corrupt them into damning themselves. They pit the prisoners against each other so that they must commit murderous and horrible acts to survive. Those that don't turn are thrown into the dungeons below Mentiri. If they are slain by the undead there -- which alone and unarmed, is a certainty -- then they are doomed to join the ranks of the undead, and thus their souls are never free to go on to their proper afterlife.

Armed with this knowledge, they proceed into the depths and wade through countless undead, mostly wights. They lament the loss of the sun sword, which would have proven more effective than any other weapon at their disposal against the likes of these.

Along the way, they encounter an undead knight who challenges Tristan to single combat. The wight is impressed with Tristan's fighting prowess and warns him of another, more powerful knight named Darius who has lost all honor and will stand in their way to reach the prison above. The fight is a close tit for tat, but Tristan manages to destroy the wight, who is thankful to be free of his cursed existence.

Finally, they find the stairs leading up to the next level, but as promised, their way is blocked by Darius (a Battle Wight Commander) and a throng of undead. Tim doesn't wait long to see where parlay will go and launches a fireball into the throng. It doesn't put them down nearly as quickly as he might of hoped, however, and another difficult battle ensues.

Once Darius and the rest of the wights are put down, the party secures the makeshift throne room and sets down to rest.

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