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Farcaster's Musings

The Damned II - The Player Cast of Characters

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The Damned:

Donaar (played by Alan) is a dragonborn and was initially only known as "Red," for the color of his eyes. He remembers nothing of his past prior to waking up vomiting forth the feted waters of the River Styx. However, he is also the one we know the most about. Meliphisus revealed early on that Red was actually a Legendary General known in life as Donaar Hammerwing. Apparently, Donaar made some sort of agreement with Bel, the Lord of Avernus, which damned his soul and indebted him to an eternity of service to Bel as a general in his infernal armies. Since Bel is not normally in the business of corrupting mortals, this is very unusual indeed. He is still being actively sought to this day by the legions of Hell to fulfill his side of whatever bargain it is that he made. As to his personality, Donaar seems to generally be good and want to do the right thing, which has caused him great heartburn at times traveling alongside the rest of his damned companions.

Snow (played by Lisa) is the often quiet elven ranger. Her memories begin at the moment she drug herself out of the River Styx, so she has no idea why she would have ended up damned to Hell. Although she does not say much, when she does speak, her tongue is often as barbed as her arrows.

Tim (played by Jim) is an Eladrin wizard and acolyte priest who finds himself in the most peculiar position of being dead and having gone straight to Hell, but somehow still in the favor of Kelemvor, the God of Death. Like the others who pulled themselves from the River Styx along side of him, he remembers nothing of his past, so this unlikely scenario is a complete enigma to him. Generally, Tim is brash and straight forward. If it is clear, to him at least, that diplomacy will not resolve the situation to his liking, he has no problem throwing the first punch -- or spell in his case.

Jonas (played by Bill) is a dragonborn swordmage. By chance, Jonas washed up at a different point along the River Styx. Not knowing who he was or having any idea of where he was, he trailed the group until he lost sight of them in the mountains. He ended up being captured by kobolds who meant to sacrifice him to the "Great One," but a little imp visited him in his captivity and offered him the choice to serve Meliphisus. Turns out, serving an evil entity is better than being snuffed completely out of existence, so he agreed. Meliphisus dispatched the party to "retrieve," him and he has traveled with the group ever since. Jonas tends towards doing what is right, but isn't overly motivated to do anything that is outside of his own self interest.

Thorn (previously played by Zach) was a dark-elf rogue. Although he didn't have any memories of his previous life either, he nonetheless immediately demonstrated all of the qualities one might expect from someone damned to Hell. Sadistic and cut-throat, Thorn was willing to do whatever it took to survive and cared little for the pain he might cause others. Sad as it may be, Thorn abruptly "left," the party when he was slain by a red dragon in the Elemental Chaos on the 59th day of Torment, 25306. The party suspects that Thorn may have simply been banished back to his home plane (Stygia), however, and it is quite possible he was not destroyed.

Mason (previously played by Jon) was only known to the party as "Beard," for the unshaven mess of hair he attempted to keep untangled and kempt despite the lack of proper implements or clean water. From the moment he arrived on the Shelves of Despond, he never spoke a word to any of the other damned. It wasn't until months later that he finally said anything to anyone, and then it was only to shout, "SWORD," when he needed one. Despite his silence, it was obvious that he was pretty twisted, and he showed an eagerness to align himself with an evil patron such as Meliphisus. On the 46th day of Agony, 25306, Mason made himself a liability to Meliphisus and an enemy of Lore. He was arrested and taken into custody in Dis on the 46th day of Agony, 25306. What happened to him after that is unknown.

The Living:

Lore (played by Zach) is the doppelganger leader of a resistance cell operating in the City of Dis. Before she became tangled up with the party, she used her shape shifting abilities to stay one step ahead of the Infernal Guard and to make her organization appear much larger than it really was. She is an unusual example of her kind, and truly wants to help those in need. Her reasons for bringing her fight to Hell's doorsteps are not known, but it is quite possible that she is trying to redeem herself for some past transgression.

Tristan (played by Jon) is an unusually handsome half-orc, half-elf fighter. He is a friend and contact of Lore's who has served as part of the resistance operating in the City of Dis. Tristan is a very recent addition to the party, but he has already demonstrated himself to be an extremely skilled swordsman.

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