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The Brooding City Session One Prt2

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In the second part of the story the freedom fighters find out more about the Church of Church of St. Judith of Celibate Enlightenment which was housed in the decrepit Old Harpy Theatre.

The three attend a noon sermon in which they were separated from men and women (Sreiska given a veil) to hear Brother Gunther give a sermon of the evils of sex and fornication. The speech was very good, but unmoved were our determine warriors. During the private confessionals, Sreiska and Sylar impersonated potential converts while Garrit scanned the theatre seating for magic. They discovered only minor magic on Sister Kali, brother Gunthers female deacon.

With the aid of Psylar's psionic powers, Sreiska and Sylar gave convincing stories of temptation and sin. While Sreiska gave a story of nearly circuming to the sexual advances of a man and was invited to return to seek membership, Sylar found his story of improper fraternizing with female student setting him up for being blackmailed. Knowing they have to delve further into the church, the group left, planning to return that evening.

With the use of a charm animal and speak with animal spells, Garrit convinced a rat to go snoop around in the theatre and look for weapons--assuming to find the cache. He was quite shocked when the rat emerged covered in blood (moving through a pool of blood) and describing goblins in the building. Garret then sent a pigeon with the same instructions to fly to the broken dome windows at the rear of the theatre and peek in. It reported inside the ball room a woman was laying on a blood covered table surrounded by two cloaked forms.

Fearing the worse, the group barged through the front doors and encountered two guards who were not a bit surprised by their advance. Both of them charged Sylar and smacked him with their clubs. The flesh-raker leaped on a guard and brought him down and then immediately slew the second. The group then plowed ahead into the backstage and through the hallways to the chamber at the far end of the theatre. They burst forth to see what what was described: A female victim lying on a blood soaked table and the two forms of Brother Gunther and Sister Kalia. In addition was a savage Dretch demon!

Garrit and his flesh-raker pounce upon the demon knocking and pinning it down, but the tough hide was difficult for the dinosaur to tear and it's poison had no effect. Psylar used his power to immobilize temporary Brother Gunther. Brother Gunther used his healing powers and realized his immobilization was all an illusion. Sister Kali open her mouth and a massive tongue attempting to grapple the professor but he evaded. Sreiska charged with her scimitar at the dretch but failed to penetrate its hide. The dino continued to rake the demon, while Garrit tossed a produce flame at Bother Gunther, critically wounding him. Pyslar finished him off with an energy beam and he crumpled to the ground in flames.

Sister Kalie let loose a infernal howl which shocked the warriors, causing the professor to go down. The demon was also wounded by the howl. Sreiska charged after Sister Kalia but her blows could not penetrate her spell protection. But she was not detered and howled again wounding our heroes more. Garrit order his dino off the demon as it slashed and final slew the creature, then he reached down and applying healing to the professor. The professor again applied his beam on Sister Kali wounding her. But Sister Kalia howled again and Garrit and his dino jump in the way to protect the professor, becoming severely wounded. Sreiska final struck again with the fleashraker and they brought her down.

Sreiska quickly healed the professor just as the others in the theatre began to respond to the battle. Sreiska shut the door and used her scimitar to secure the door. Garrit ordered his dinosaur to hold the door with it's mass as they searched for the secret passage of Jasper Jewel's vault. Upon finding it, they pulled open the grating in a ruined indoor fountain and jumped down the small passage.(Taking the potenial sacrafice victim with them-though she was drugged) The fleashraker soon followed just as the door finally burst open by three goblins and six guards. Now in the vault, the warriors must navigate through perils that lie ahead.

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