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The Brooding City Session One

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Part One: Cache

The Freedom fighters meet as representatives of their secret affiliations for the first time and are informed of a collaborator, Thadius Halwenki that has hoarded a hidden cache of magical items owned by the late Jasper Jewel, leader of the once prominent Entertainers Guild. With knowledge that he is attending a dinner with a Lord Mortimer, the agents make plans to extract that information for use in their fight against The Masters.

The three are:

Sreiska Stormwind, a Illuiman Favoredsoul. Born into the Illuiman Cabal, Sreiska’s lineage is unknown and a mystery. Raised by the cabal teachers she showed incredible promise as a warrior but a calling by the Deity Soorinek took her on a different path. She apprentices with a aged human gem cutter and has frequent contact with a female hafling carpenter.

Garret Clawheart Strider, a druid dino rider. Garret’s family home in the caves outside the City was overrun and destroyed by aberrations. Garret has carefully worked his way into a position of authority and trust in the city, secretly plotting revenge on those who wronged him. His cover job is as a Sergeant in the Mounted Police division of the City Watch. Garret’s mount and animal companion, Talon, a fleshraker dinosaur, is his closest ally. Garret is an active member of the Abolishers and gives aberrations no quarter.

Professor Gabriel Gray "Sylar", a synad Psion of the Sanctified Mind. Sylar comes from a parallel world which was taken over by illithids. His father was able to able to open a dimensional portal through which a few dozen Synads were able to escape. Unfortunately, in order to prevent being followed, the portal sent each Synad to a different random (but inhabitable) plane. Sylar's father also closed the portal without going through, with a promise to try to find everyone if the illithids could be defeated. To the best of his knowledge, Sylar is the only one of his people to end up in the city.

With the mission to discern the location of the cache from Thadius and to find if Lord Mortimer is a collaborator, the freedom fighter begin to investigate their targets. Learning that Thadius could be traveling two routes to the dinner they plan an ambush of his carriage. Garret calls on the services of his captain to assign men in the Nobel district to re-route the carriage through the more secluded market streets. With that successful, the group ambush the carriage by forcing it to stop inside a obscuring mist, cast by Garret.

Sylar used his energy beam to wound a guard, Sreiska fired her cross bow at the driver, but missed. Garret's dino pounce one of the rear guards and took it out. The driver tried to move the carriage through the mist but Sreiska grappled him. Sylar fired again his energy beam disabling the guard who slumped out of the carriage and tried to crawl away in the mist. The Dino was attacked by the adjacent guard on the back but could not hit the fasts dino. The fleshraker struck at him and the guard fell.

The carriage door opened and a large Masiff emerged, Thadius's pet. It turned into a mass of tentacles and manage to bite and knock the fleshraker to the ground. A second guard emerged and attacked Sylar smacking his energy shield in surprise. Garret began sneaking into the mist unseen.

With the driver finally disabled, Sreiska turned on the massif, now a mass of tentacles but she could not get a good hit. The fleshraker fought on the ground, and finally slew the dog it but not before taking several bites. Garret witnessed another figure trying sneak out of the carriage and used his produced flame to scorch them. He discovered it was Thadius and the man screamed as he burned while running out of the mist. Garret pursued. Sylar continued to fight the one guard. Sreiska, seeing the mass of tentacles now dead, spotted the one guard ran up to him. She sliced him with her scimitar and fell unconscious.

Psylar finally dispatched the last guard and Thadius surrendered to garret. With haste the team loaded the carriage with the bodies (minus the massif) and rode the carriage to another part of the city. Sreiska interrogated Thadius, who tried to bribe his way for his life. They discover the vault of Jasper Jelwel was located in the Old Harpy Theatre. But the theatre had recently been given to a church. Satisfied with the information, they let him leave the carriage, however the fleshraker slew him. Garret had promised he would not kill the Collaborator, but he said nothing of his fleashraker! The group then loaded the bodies and the professor ignited the carriage with his powers, exhausting himself. It was at that moment that he revealed the ghostly images of his two other minds in the shadows. Immediately, Sreiska (who had glowing runes circling her head) and Sylar recognized each other as refugees of the plane of shadow.

With Thadius dispatched, the group concentrated on Lord Mortimer and discovered his plan to try and but properties n the city. As the guise as the sergent of the watch, Garret sets up a meeting with Mortimer and tries to garner a deal with him similar to Thadius. However, Garret is no businessman and Mortimer has no desire to make agreements. Garret instead starts relying the tentacles beast, the masters to see Mortimers reaction. Mortimer silently responds thinking Garret is insane. Confident that Mortimer is simply unaware of the horrors plaguing the city, he leaves.

DM: That ended part one of the session. Players did pretty well. They also advanced a level. Garret and Sylar took levels in their base class, while Sreiska took a level in dragon Shaman (Silver). Garret's dino will be the formimal creature in the game but I have plenty of challenges as they found out in part two!

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