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Farcaster's Musings

The Damned II (Campaign Lore): Armor of the Penitent

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There exists only twelve sets of the Armor of the Penitent. Few know when or exactly why these sets were created, but what is known is that five sets were given to the kings of old more than a thousand years ago in an effort to combat the corrupting forces of Asmodeus. Each set is comprised of seven pieces representing the seven heavenly virtues. In the hands of the virtuous, these sets bestow incredible boons. Unlike the infernal sets crafted to tempt mortals, the Armor of the Penitent does not exert any influence over those who don it to follow it's principles. Rather, the armor functions only for those who demonstrate their worthiness, and its power is magnified for those who demonstrate the virtues without fail.

Unfortunately, only the seven sets which remained in Celestia are known to be fully intact. The rest have been scattered across the planes and mortal lands. Even a single piece of this wondrous set of armor, however, can bestow powerful miracles upon those who extol its virtue.

The seven virtues and their opposing vices are:
  • Chastity vs. Lust
  • Temperance vs. Gluttony
  • Charity vs. Greed
  • Diligence vs. Sloth
  • Patience vs. Wrath
  • Kindness vs. Envy
  • Humility vs. Pride

This article will be updated with specific statistics for any pieces found or researched by the party.

Tabard of Largesse
Part of the original sets of the Armor of the Penitent, this tabard rewards those who demonstrate self-sacrifice and abhor greed in any form.
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