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Tales of the Olde Phoenix

After Action 4-1-09

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Friday was a quiet game of mostly Dungeons & Accountants. We got out of the dark and forbidding lands and back into civilization.

We had some decent role play and walked unmolested to the coast. I guess we are big scary adventurers now. Bandits run the other way.

It's been two game years since the campaign started. Raphael, my character is now 12th level as are most of the others. Raphael doesn't see himself as an intimidating person. It just does not occur to him that in the last two years he has gone from a common punk to someone that could blow a commoner away with a harsh look.

So we have some money in our pockets. We are headed north again. Only now it is even further north as we are on the East coast and further south than we were.

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  1. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    What's this? Throw us a bone here...details, details, details, where are the details?