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The Curmudgeon's Lair

For King and Country: Session 4, part 3.

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19th day of Mirtul
On the night of the 18th I was in a deep sleep and awakened by Miriam who poured a bucket of ice cold water over my head. It seems that while I slept we were ambushed by a small group of kobolds. They were no match for our group and were all dead by the time I had fully awakened. We discovered that they had gained access our cave through a secret entrance that had gone undetected. We decided to investigate further in case there were more kobolds or other creatures lurking further back in the secret passage. We split into two groups, leaving the Captain and the crew behind to watch over the camp and for their own safety. The tunnels made a few twists and turns then opened up into a great cavern. At the far end of the cavern their was a large hole and rain poured in. A small fire and campsite were just to the right of the entrance, no doubt the abode of the slain kobolds. Adjacent to the kobolds den was a sizable pile of cold coins and other valuables. On the opposite wall across from this was a carved stone doorway inscribed with runes. We investigated this further while the Diawin scooped the treasure into his bag. We were still puzzling over the door when the wizard gave out a gasp. We turned to find him holding a large blue dragon scale. Suddenly we all became quite concerned for our safety and decided that it would be best to return to our own camp. No sooner had we made our decision than we heard a great roar and the screams of our fellow crewmen from the other cave. Vorgrim, Miriam and I ran back as quickly as we could. When we arrived we found the crew dead, the dragon, a massive blue beast was trying to worm his way further into the cave. The Captain, bloody and injured was slashing at the great blued beast with his sword but to no avail. Then in an instant the dragon tore his body asunder, then turned his attention on us. Luckily he was large enough that only his head and neck fit into the cave entrance though, and he could not reach us. So we prudently turned to fled back to the kobold cavern. It was then that I realized that this cavern was the dragons lair, and that he had been waiting outside our cavern entrance hoping the kobolds would push us out of the cavern and into his steely maw. The large hole on the far end of the cavern was the dragons entrance and exit from this lair. Now had no choice, the wizard activated the portal. Where it went we had no idea, but it was our only chance of escaping certain death. As the rest of our group was moving through the portal I could see the dragon landing atop the entrance, sending debris raining into the chamber. I did not hesitate a moment longer and crossed through the portal and to whatever fate lay beyond.

We emerged from the portal into a heavily wood area, the rain was torrential. I could see that my comrades had moved as quickly away from and behind the portal as possible in case the dragon could follow or at least stick his head through. After a brief discussion we decided that given the rain storm that we might be in the same region, maybe even on the same island as the dragons lair and decided that it would be wise to travel on before seeking shelter in case the dragon knew where the portal led and came seeking us. We traveled away from the portal for and hour in the down pour before we decided to take shelter beneath some trees. The druid quickly assembled an lean-to, heaping forest debris onto it to make it more weather proof. We fell asleep shoulder to shoulder under the lean-to and were awoke sometime in the mid-morning after the rain had stopped. Torok, the ever resourceful woodsman, was able to come up with some dry materials, even after last nights deluge, to build a small fire. Luckily we had brought our gear and supplies with us, because one never knows what might happen. We made a meager meal, dried our clothes and warmed ourselves by the fire. Miriam took a moment to speak a small prayer for the Captain and crew who did not make it out of the cave and the rest of said a few parting words as well. We had come to know them all well enough during our time aboard the "Fairweather Falcon". The Captain will be missed, as he was a true son of cormyr, courageous and valiant to the end. We then took a rest, still tired from the events of the previous night. I have used this time to write a more detailed account of last nights events in my journal before we all gather again to discuss our new course of action.

Vorgrim (Drow Rogue), Miriam De'melee (Elven Cleric), Diawin (Eladrin Wizard), Torok (Human Druid), New Guy (Human, Sorcerer).

I know, I know, these things just keep getting longer and longer. I'll try to keep the write up of the next session shorter.

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Updated 03-30-2009 at 01:35 PM by kirksmithicus

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