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The Curmudgeon's Lair

For King and Country: Session 5

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20th day of Mirtul
I woke this morning with a splitting headache caused by drinking far to much cheap wine. The pain was somewhat offset by the fact that I found myself lying between two beautiful vixens. After dressing I stumbled out to find nourishment and another drink in order to properly start my day. Yesterday morning I was lost in the wilderness and this morning I found myself lost in the haphazard maze of streets named Baldur's Gate. The portal we moved through did not send us to the far side of the island but to the mainland. After drying our clothes in the morning we decided to climb a large hill to the north of our camp to get a better view of the area. To our amazement, north of this hill lay the sprawling and bustling city of Baldur's Gate. We made our way to the city and by afternoon we had acquired lodging in a local inn. With the exception of the Torok, who apparently shuns civilization, as well as cleanliness and women. He has opted to remain in the forest, whether or not he will rejoin us later is uncertain. After dumping our gear in our rooms we all ate a full meal before going our separate ways.

I first went to a tailor to get new clothes made, then went to a bath house to wash the grime and sea salt from my being. It was, perhaps the most relaxing and soothing bath I have ever taken. Having several hours to wait before the tailor could send the clothes over, I bid the errand boy I highered to fetch a barber for a haircut and a proper shave. Then I set about finding an evenings proper entertainment.

21st day of Mirtul
Today has been much less eventful. Mostly I have spent the day repairing, cleaning and replacing my equipment as necessary. I have found out, from the inn keeper that the library of Candlekeep is but a little more than 200 miles south of Baldur's Gate. I am tempted to buy a horse and go the trip alone, ahead of the rest of the group as they wish to stay in Baldur's Gate for a tenday before traveling on. If it were not so dangerous I would do so, but have for the time being decided to wait for the others.

30th day of Mirtul
The wait here in Baldur's Gate has been nearly unbearable in it's boredom. I have spent most of my money on beer, wine and women simply to pass the time. Now, Vorgrim tells me that he has found us employment that should give us a little extra cash but extend our stay in the city by a few days. Our task is to find the lair of a some wilderness bandit skulking in the woods on the road south of Baldur's Gate. We have all agreed to take on the job except for Miriam who has duties to attend to at the local shrine of Sune.

1st day of Kythorn
The weather has improved considerably since our arrival in Baldur's Gate. The heat has already become stifling in the cities windless maze of streets and I was glad to be leaving the city for however briefly. We set off on foot down the paved road to the south with a gentle westerly ocean breeze subduing the heat of the day. In the morning we talked of nothing of importance, merely passing the time. In the afternoon a group of goblins attempted to ambush us but we because they smell as foul or more so than the Druid, they were unable to catch us unaware. Vorgrim who was walking ahead of the rest of us was surrounded and nearly cut down by the creatures. He had to hastily retreat back to our position to insure his safety. Other than that it proved to be a relatively easy fight. After our work was done we followed the goblins tracks back to their camp only to discover more of their fellows who had taken several women hostage. We ambushed the goblins quickly killing them. When we were about to free the hostages we ourselves were ambushed by the women and three more who had been hiding in the woods. They were not women at all but evil woodland spirits who can assume the guise of beautiful women. We managed to kill several of them before forcing them to flee back into the wilderness. After searching the camp we took the left ear of each goblin and slain creature as proof of our days work to our employer.

2nd day of Kythorn
I had a dream last night that I was standing alone in the forest. Then suddenly I was being visited by a beautiful elven maiden wearing a flowing white dress that shone like the moon itself. She came close and leaned in, as if to tell me a secret. She whispered softly but her lips did not move "My heart lies in the Deeping Dale. It was here, forged in an ancient and long forgotten age, in the flames of war that I came into this world, sowing peace and prosperity. Then the twelve came, in greed and out of fear, coveting the power I possessed. In an instant they destroyed all that I had wrought. Then set about fighting over my remains, as I lay broken and shattered, like a pack of feral dogs. Greed, envy and hatred have spread my remains to the secret corners of Faerun." She then looked over her shoulder as if afraid, then turned to me once again and spoke hurriedly "the twelve have returned to seek the nine" and then she vanished. I am disturbed by this dream, not just because of the strange woman and the cryptic message, but also because of the clarity of which I recall the details.

Vorgrim (Drow Rogue), Miriam De'melee (Elven Cleric), Diawin (Eladrin Wizard), Torok (Human Druid), Miirik (Human, Sorcerer).

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