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The Curmudgeon's Lair

The Art of Racing Cows

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So here I was, laboring under the delusion that 4e combat was just really slow paced. Then I talked to someone in chat the other day and found out that it's a lot faster than 3e , yikes, really? So last night I asked some of the guys who play in our game, who all used to play 3e, if this was indeed the case. It appears that it is. All I can say is, wow! Maybe time has partially erased or blurred my memories of how long combat should or did take in the other rpg's that I used to play. I don't remember combat in Twilight 2000 even taking as long as it does in 4e D&D, and that game was a highly simulationist game from back in the day. It's not Role-Master or MERP mind you, but it had a good bit of detail. So here I was, trying to think of ways to speed up combat and streamline the system even more, because I thought the game ran like a bloated cow only to find out it's really a race horse. Now I like a good bit of simulationist gaming, but those things should never be allowed to overwhelm the game and become the focus. What I don't like about 4e is that the martial characters have so may exploits and powers. It seems to me that combat could have been made simpler. Then added on exploits and powers as feats instead gaining one each level. Just my take, I'm sure no one else would agree though (I know, I'm weird for wanting less). At any rate, the 4e exploits do provide good fodder for jokes. When ambushed by 20 non-minion goblins the wizard in our game used his Scream Like a Little Girl At-will power as a minor action. Then his Flee Like a Craven Coward as his standard action.

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  1. Groqx's Avatar
    Exploit vs. difference. the martial classes call the things they can do Exploits, while the spell casting classes call the things they can do Powers.