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It seems to me that the rifts games are not the most popular. Not that I'm aganist D and D or anything, I just happen to like Rifts better. Im still trying to get into a D and D game and want to learn more about it.
Rifts however seems to be more diverse and fun for me. There is more chances in skills and as a gm more grey area to make it more fun. Now I will agree that some of the rules are more complicated and thats the GREAT thing about role playing games you dont like it CHANGE it.
I have a few house rules (not many) that greatly simplify combat and even out what I call the magic divide. A brief example is that a mage using the standard rules can only cast 2 spells per melee or 15 seconds. Where as an untrained pesant can fire a laser rife 2 times per 15 seconds. A TRAINED Coalition grunt can fire 4 times a in 15 seconds. So why would I study magic if I was just going to have to pull out my laser rifle to defend myself?
Of course we just changed it. and closed the divide. Ask yourself why do you play RPGS? To have fun! If something is not fun CHANGE IT. I would say dont be closed minded to any game because it is easy to change them.
Now I mostly posted this blog to have something on here but if your opinion differs I say post it and lets have a conversation.


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  1. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    Hey Jack, I used to play a good deal of Rifts and had a lot of fun playing and as the GM. The game is a good kitchen sink game where anything goes. So without a good GM and some players with some sense, the game can easily get out of hand. The thing that I don't like about the game is that it started out as a post-apocalyptical game of exploration and survival but has since turned into something else altogether, not that, that is entirely a bad thing. The number of attacks thing is a hold-over from a bygone era. I would just give every character a single attack or action every 5 seconds and see how that works. I also think that the game could do with a serious rules update, but that it won't happend because of the backlash against WotC for releasing 3e and nor 4e. Anyway you are the second Rifts player from the Dallas area that I've ran across in the last two days. You should contact Genesplicer.
  2. Genesplicer's Avatar
    Actualy, Palladium itself has already offered an alternative for the two spells per melee. Low level spels, 1 through 6 I belave, can be cast in two actions, mid level, 7 through 10 I think, take 4 actions, and high level spels, anythoing over 10th, take eight actions. The funny thing is, that my last group made an almost identical adjustment to the rules before they even came out with that. The alternate rules are in ederation of Magic, not sure of the page referance.
  3. Genesplicer's Avatar
    Also, I know exactly what kirksmithicus means about common sense. We had one player who loved to combine multiple cross overs in a single character. Ever see an FF7 cetra salor scout Starfleet officer Borg? I have. He was an excelent RPer, one of the groups best in fact, but we did ocasionaly have to restrain his 'creativity,' like when he wanted to try and convert the whole magic system into a FF7 materia style.