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Here is the space the Arocken asked for.

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OK Aveal, here is the place for Arocken and Weslocke to have their conversations. Of course, if other characters want to use this, they can do so as well. At least this will keep from using up time at the actual game sessions for these conversations and it will give us a written record of them. You have to enter your character's info as a comment to this entry.

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Updated 01-02-2009 at 08:27 PM by cplmac

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"Private" discussions between Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth charaters


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  1. Aeval's Avatar
    Arocken wakes early. She quickly throws her armor on over the clothes that she didn't take off for sleep. She deftly does this even though she still has on her gloves. They are almost like a second skin to her. She softly places her pack on her back and remakes her bed. She touches her medallion thats around her neck and she looks at it with a sigh. She smiles brightly . Takes a quick look at all her sleeping comrades, then quietly slips out the door.
  2. starwolf013's Avatar
    Weslocke's elven eyes followed her as she quietly seemed to glide through the occupied sleeping quarters. He was dressed, ready to slip out into the night to observe the celestial events of the heavens and contemplate their significance to the magicks of the world.

    It took little effort for Weslocke to retrieve his equipment and reach the door before it could even fully close behind Arocken. He watched with curiosity as she softly stepped toward the exit. She had a beauty about her that he had trouble defining. There was a certain grace to her step, look in her eye, and tone in her voice that didn't seem natural for the human race. It seemed much much more familiar.

    A small smirk curled on the side of his lip as he watched the half-elf carefully trying to navigate the firelit room. Something different indeed. He spoke softly to her so as not to elicit too much surprise.

    "Leaving so soon?"
    Updated 01-02-2009 at 03:13 PM by starwolf013
  3. Aeval's Avatar
    She gasps as she turns around and narrows her flashing violet eyes towards him. She whispers harshly
    "What are you doing up. Go back to sleep."
    her hands go to her hips that she cocks to the side as she looks at weslock. Fire in her eyes.
  4. starwolf013's Avatar
    "I could ask you just the same..."

    Weslocke studies her reaction noting she is obviously upset about being caught.

    "It is the twelfth night of the twelfth cycle and I am up to admire the celestial display that the heavens promise every time this evening turns."

    He smirks again, folding his arms. He speaks not in a accusatory tone but one of curiosity.

    "The better question would be what you are doing awake and sneaking away from us yet again. Would you care to share what you have been up to over the past few nights?"
  5. Aeval's Avatar
    She looks around the others with a worried look.
    Not that its your business, but If you like to talk to me we will do so outside so as not to wake the others!
    , she turns and slips out the door.
  6. starwolf013's Avatar
    Weslocke motions to the door with a go ahead gesture that is missed by Ranger as she turns to head out into the night.

    Seems that the falling meteors might not be the only chaotic phenomenon encountered on this night.

    Weslocke adjusts his cloak as he steps out through the door and into the night. His eyes immediately set upon the skies as he searches for his fallen stars, waiting for Arocken to speak.
  7. Aeval's Avatar
    From the darkness
    "Why have you been watching me. What i do is no ones business."
    you hear a growl of frustration.
    "I really do not have time for this."
  8. starwolf013's Avatar
    "I beg to differ. What you do while we are here is the business of all of us to an extent. There are people in those beds right now that are relying on your wits and knowledge of the lands to guide our way to this Cavern."

    Weslocke never makes eyes with Arocken, preferring instead to scan the skies.

    "More important, with all of the dangers that seem to be lurking in this area, it is not the wisest idea to wander off alone. While I am sure that you are more than capable of fending for yourself, this secret furtive action of yours would may be likely to gather unwanted attention of either our group or that of some vile threat out there."

    Weslocke smiles.

    "And you seem so rushed... Like these rocks racing for their obliteration. They move too quickly to appreciate their journey, but to a witness here below each of them create a show. They create a wonderous display only noticed by those who have the time to look skyward."

    A silent pause in the conversation before Weslocke finally looks toward Arocken's way.

    "And if you do not have time for this conversation or the heavens, pray tell me with what is your time so securely invested?"
  9. Aeval's Avatar
    Arocken sighs. You see her violet eyes flash in the darkness.

    I CAN take care of myself. I was alone before i was thrown in with the lot of you. So you dont need to worry there.

    You see her gloved hand go to the medallion that now hangs around her neck. She rubs it without even seeming to know that she is doing it.

    "You know that I like to be alone for my prayers. This has never bothered anyone before."

    (Though you realize there are many hours before sunrise when she does her prayers usually)

    Why is this bothering you now. You and the rest dont really care, so why are you acting like you do. Im sure if i leave you can find another to lead you upon your way. And it is not like you are incapable of leading yourself.

    She snaps, Obviously angry and still seeming in a hurry.
  10. starwolf013's Avatar
    He's stunned momentarily by the temper and the reaction, though he realizes that it is likely a solid defense that has carried Arocken through her life. Just as vicious as the physical assault that she had dealt to the orcs, it was likely that she also defended herself as fiercly from social threats.

    "I believe that there are more who may care than you realize."

    If the urgency in Arocken's voice was meant to be a clue to Weslocke to leave her be, he either does not notice or does not care. Instead, he chooses to carefully select his words and the thoughtful pace at which he speaks them.

    "As for me, I have felt concerned since that (motions to the pendant around Arocken's neck) came into your posession. Your attitude as seemed to change since you've donned that pendant and I am curious to know the reason why."

    Having never seen the pendant before, Weslock has no knowledge of its contents. A cursed item or an old family heirloom, either could elicit such reactions from the girl. Weslocke holds his hand out gesturing to the pendant.

    "May I have a look?"
  11. Aeval's Avatar
    Arocken grabs it and holds it tightly in her hand.

    "What do you wish to steal it like that little halfling does? I have not taken much from this mission. Only the scimitar and this. If you want the scimitar take it."

    (She pulls out the scimitar and throws it to the ground. You notice that her eyes are glittered with unshed tears)

    "But i will not let you take the medallion from me. I have asked for nothing else! I dont care about the gold. I dont care about the gems. I want none of that. This..

    (She clutches the medallion close to her heart)

    "is not wealth its not power. Its just a medallion. But its important to me. "
  12. starwolf013's Avatar
    Weslocke takes a step back, returning his hand shocked.

    "What? What do you mean?"

    Weslocke looks at Arocken and then at the Scimitar dumbfounded. He shakes his head in dismay, and carefully picks up the weapon. He lowers his head to her careful not to upset her further. He carefully extends the scimitar out to her by the hilt.

    "My friend, I mean no harm. I do not wish to take your posessions. I do not care about the coins or gems that have been collected any more than you do. I only wanted to see what it is that you have found there."

    The poor soul has mistaken my motives...

    Seeing that she makes no move to take the scimitar from his hands, so Weslocke carefully sets it at her feet. He starts to turn as he softly says.

    "It's just that the craftsmanship of the pendant seemed familiar to me... Almost a sense of home..."

    The tears welled in her eyes seemed more than Weslocke could bear this evening. This was a night for the observation of stars, not for the observation of troubled souls. He clears his throat and speaks honestly and humbly.

    "If I offended you I am sorry. I truly meant no harm. If you must be going, I won't keep you a moment longer..."

  13. Aeval's Avatar
    Dumbfounded. Arocken doesn't know what to say. She looks at the scimitar. then back at him. She touches him softly on the shoulder, so tentively that he almost doesn't feel it.

    , she chokes out. Surprising herself.


    She takes the medallion off and places it in your hand. Her own gloved hands shaking as she does so. (As she took off the medallion, the scarf around her neck slips from her shoulders and falls to the ground. Her exposed neck and shoulders are white in the moonlight, a huge contrast to her sun tanned face. Its almost luminescent in the light. But that is not what takes your breath away, you think you see glints of color upon her shoulders. Gray and brown and green swirl around her collar bone. Something golden glitters above her heart. But as you try to look closer, her cheeks redden and she swiftly picks up the scarf, stepping into the darkness as she covers herself back up.

    Once she is covered she moves back towards you, picking up her scimitar and replacing it in its sheath.

    If you look down at the medallion you see a unicorn head upon it. It sparkles in the moonlight. As you look back up to her, you see that sparkle reflect in her eyes.
  14. starwolf013's Avatar
    Weslocke deeply swallows the lump that had built in his throat. His eyes grow wide as saurcers over the sight of the medallion. He struggles to contain his intrigue and sense of reality as he turns the medallion over multiple times in his hand. He lets his fingers carefully trace its curves and details. It was authentic down the strap that carried it. He whispers in wonder. (Awesome translator)

    "Ed Ehlonna's beth naa sina anwa (by Ehlonna's word is this real?)"

    Over a century's worth of time slips away as Weslocke finds his thoughts carrying him back to his days as a very young one. He could remember visions of mother softly singing him to sleep, lulling him to slumber with the soft sway of a medallion not so different than this.

    That song... That song...

    Atara... (mother)

    Entranced by his thoughts, Weslocke does not realize that he has started to carefully hum the very lullaby that had comforted him years ago. The melodic sound nearly causes Arocken's jaw to drop.

    Weslocke pauses as he catches up again to the present. Wide eyed, he smiles and speaks with an uncharacteristic sense of excitement. He cups her hand and carefully lays the pendant in its center.

    "But how? Where? Where did you find this? This is a very... special medallion."

    And in one moment, Weslocke can see a shimmering beauty in the ranger's eyes that he never had caught notice of before.
  15. Aeval's Avatar
    Arocken's jaw does drop.. The mummered song freeing her tongue.

    "You know of Ehlonna? "

    She cups the medallion lovingly. She blushes.

    "This is the medallion that the Elf dropped."

    She looks at it as she lightly touches it. Her eyes glaze a little.

    "I dont know why he dropped it but i plan to find out. There has to be a reason... Perhaps ... I..I plan find him.",

    when she talks of the "elf" her voice trembles a little with emotion.

    "There must be a reason, a specific reason that he left this..."
  16. starwolf013's Avatar
    "I'm... sorry."

    With remorse, Weslocke makes brief eye contact with Arocken.

    "I'm sorry to have doubted you in the beginning when you had first witnessed this elf."

    Weslocke carefully approaches Arocken.

    "I'm sorry if you have felt alone on this journey."

    As Weslocke catches eyes with the ranger he takes her hand, cradling it in his own.

    "And I am truly sorry if I gave you the impression that I did not care about you."

    He pauses, ensuring his words have sunk in.

    "Allow me to help. Perhaps this medallion and this elf have some of the answers that I have been searching for as well..."
  17. Aeval's Avatar
    Arockens hand trembles in his and she looks very flustered.

    "I.. I am sorry too. I am not use to.. people. I am more at home with animals and nature."

    "Atar (Father! But with a very posh dialect) would tell me that i was more wild animal than anything. , she chuckles sadly and softly. her gaze glazed a little.

    (She draws her trembling hand away and replaces the medallion around her neck. Tucking the medallion under her scarf against her heart)

    "Tell me.. why .. why would you want to find the elf.(still said dreamily) What does Ehlonna mean to you Weslocke?"

    she glances at you curiously
  18. starwolf013's Avatar
    Weslocke's smile fades as he slowly turns away and stares into the heavens.

    "Ehlonna is the good that still exists somewhere in this world. While it seems she carries a great significance to yourself and this elf as a protector of the forests, she also represents something a little more personal to me."

    Lifting his hair from the back of his neck, Weslocke reveals the head and horn of a unicorn bathed in the glow of the moonlight. A mark he received early in life.

    "Ehlonna represents a home that I have not seen in many, many years. It was a place... I walked away from... To pursue the arcane arts..."

    Weslocke lowers his head, speaking solemnly.

    "There was no home for me to return to. Family, friends, and Ehlonna... They were... they were gone."

    Weslocke lifts his hands to the sky.

    "And I have followed these stars ever since in hopes that one may lead me back to a place that exists only in memory..."
  19. Aeval's Avatar
    Conflicting emotions swirl over Arockens face. She quickly moves to you before you can react she sweeps your hair up roughly and looks at the mark. Running her hand along it to make sure that it is no illusion. Feeling the raised skin where the tatoo lays. She looks at it for a long moment then quickly steps back.. she looks at you with awe. She turns from you.

    "You.. are not tricking me... ... I ..."

    She turns back to you. tears streaming down her cheeks. Her fingers move to her neck. She slowly takes the silk scarf from her neck. She drops it to t he ground. She steps into the light. You notice that her gray bodice drops low. And you see a rearing unicorn on her chest The glittering gold horn piercing where her heart is. There are silver and green ivy vines that twirl around the unicorn, up her shoulders and are echoed down her arms to at least the top of her gloves that raise all the way to mid arm.

    "I got this after my mama and Atar were killed. My mama was a priestess of Ehlonna. And though I am more like my Atar, I follow Ehlonna. She protects me... she.."

    (Arocken shakes her head unable to go on. She puts her hands to her heart, over the unicorn horn)
  20. starwolf013's Avatar
    Weslocke is quiet. He looks at the markings upon Arocken's body in fleeting glances attempting not to gawk. He had never seen such detailed markings of Ehlonna etched upon a female human. Elves perhaps but certainly not human.

    Unconsciously, Weslocke rubs at the back of his neck.

    "I hope that she does... I worry that she may not feel the same love and protection over me after walking away from home."

    A heavy sigh escapes from within Weslocke's core.

    "One day I hope to again be in her graces, and find the things that I have lost."

    To avoid the show of emotion, Weslocke turns away from Arocken and fixes his gaze back to the stars, quietly repressing the feelings he had spent years burying.
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