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The horror of Yukon

Another argument for 3.5 that makes no sense

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So last night during the big hoorah, somebody mentioned if want a quick and dirty game you play 4e, but if you want in-depth role-playing you play 3.5.

First off, are they trying to say simple is bad and complex is better?? I guess if you like a challenge, but why over complexify things? I say stick with the KISS method.

Second, how does 3.5 have any more "in-depth" roleplaying than 4e. The role-playing aspect of any game is up to the players and the DM.

There is some mechanics in the RP aspect of the game, but I don't see how they are different between the two different systems. I don't see how 3.5 is this deep misunderstood genius and 4e is a shallow doofus (with respect to its RP features).

Explain this one to me, I really mean it. How does 3.5 have better "role-playing" than 4e? Why is a more complex system better? Why don't people have the gaul/creativity to push past what is in the books, and make the game the way they want it to be?

Even if (and that's a big if) 3.5 does have better RP, why not integrate that into the nice clean balanced mechanics of 4e?

People piss me off.

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  1. Simplydone's Avatar
    I myself was never a fan of 3rd edition D&D in the first place. In fact it was the overall complexity of it that drove me to seek other systems, any system in fact, that could offer me the freedom as a player to be creative and do cool things without the GM going "That provokes an opportunity attack" or "You can't do that in D&D". Well thank god for White wolf, palladium, Green Ronins Mutant and Masterminds (way cleaner use do D20 I have ever seen), Deadlands, and Gurps.
  2. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    Clearly you don't have the intellectual capacities necessary to understand the complex intricacies of 3.x ;P

    BTW thanks for the link to the custom build.
  3. Calamity's Avatar
    I hate X system because Y system is so much better. Z is just a fluke, I'm telling you it's X all the way!

    Seriously, another thread about this?
  4. yukonhorror's Avatar
    a its not a thread, it's a blog
    b I was just wondering why people thought x had better roleplaying than y.
  5. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    I hate X system because Y system is so much better. Z is just a fluke, I'm telling you it's X all the way!
    Do not message me about playing a 4th edition game, that system is garbage.

    BiographyI've been playing tabletop RPGs since third edition released in 2000. I've got a lot of experience and knowledge of the 3.5e system, and prefer that strongly over any other version I've played. Before I played tabletop I was playing RPGs on consoles and in computer games.
    From your profile page Calamity, .x all the way alright.
  6. yukonhorror's Avatar
    I realize why people think the roleplaying for 3.5 is so much better than 4e.

    The combat is so bland and unexciting in older editions, that you are forced to have good roleplaying if you are to have any fun with the game.

    4e can be fun with minimal roleplaying, because the combat is so much fun.
  7. Skunkape's Avatar
    Ah, I just so love edition wars. Why can't people just allow each other to like a particular system and enjoy the one they like.

    Personally, after investing as much money as I have in previous game editions and watch companies churn out new versions, seemingly as quickly as possible, I'm being more careful about the game system I pick.

    If nothing jumps out at me that screams, this is a great system, I just use what I have as what it was meant to be, guidelines to running the game. If a player wants to do something that's not covered by the rules, I try and make a fair decision about whether the player can do it (asking for dice rolls when needed) and continue on with my game.

    Sorry, but I'm not going to defend 1 system over another because I play the system that I like and expect you to play the system that you like. Only time I make exceptions to that is that if you want to play in my game, you have to use the system that I like or you don't play. Same goes for me playing in your game, if I don't like that system, I don't play in your game.
  8. yukonhorror's Avatar
    normally i try to abstain from the war, this blog was to investigate the basis of their argument. The recent comment, however, was an attack on older editions, but it makes me think that's why someone would think what they think.