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The View from the Table

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When Mr Spike open his eyes his first thought was why is the room spinning and what was the god awful racket, after the room stopped spinning Mr Spike lifted his head off the table and started to open one eye to see where he was. He was in a common room of a tavern, which tavern he has no clue after last night. The night started with Murga going on and on about something or someone called Salive or Vesten and a temple with orcs but after the third mug of dwarven ale he no longer cared about what murga had to say about anything.

What was the that sound, Mr Spike looked around and found the source of the racket, it was Murga cleaning and repairing the taverns pots and pans. Danm he is still talking about going to the east and looking for some orcs and a temple.

"Yes Murga for the love that is all good and holy we will go to the east, not just be quiet so I can die in peace" shouted Mr. Spike

....To be continued later

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