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Sass & Sorcery

Coming Soon: "Seattle by Night"

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The Seattle scene in the early 21st Century holds many secrets best kept hidden: Vampires stalk the nightlife. Shapeshifters prowl the wilds and, occasionally city streets themselves. Conflicts between the Faerie courts spill into the mortal realm. The dead themselves return to the living world on unfinished business. And otherwise normal people Awaken to power undreamed of in their everyday existences.

Relations between the various factions are stressed at best, largely due to a Pact of Non-Aggression signed between the World Wars; officially, no open hostilities between the supernaturals are tolerated. Unofficially, tensions are high, notably between the vampires of the city and the werewolves, displaced due to the caern in Rizal Park's corruption and ultimate destruction. Only time will tell how long this tenuous peace will last ...

"Seattle by Night," premieres Thursday night. Check local listings for time and channel.

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  1. Trewaters's Avatar
    Yay! I can't wait to zap something in Seattle...

    Please give me some spoilers. I promise I won't use my out of character knowledge to exploit the game. hehe

    Thanks for the link. I will keep an eye on things.