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And a Kill'n we will go!!!!

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This week started with the players outside of the building of darkness. The building was a three story affair, boarded up and locked. Being a party without a rogue, or anyone with lock picking, they decided to bash in the door. First we had some Ranger attempts (he bounced off), then some ranger and cleric attempts (again they bounced off), then the ranger decided to go two-weapon on door (carved out a little bit of wood), all to no avail. That’s when the dwarf decided to show ‘em how it’s done. He got up a good running start and bashed that door into splinters (rolled a 20 hehe).
The door opened into a living room with two exits, hallways leading different directions on the opposite wall. The left hallway had several doors on either side, while the right seemed to lead into a kitchen. For whatever reason the party decided to crowd (except the warlock, he likes to be apart from the party, no one knows why), into the kitchen. This was a pretty standard kitchen of the time; wood burning cooking stove, tables against the walls, cooking utensils, cabinets, door leading to the basement and a door leading outside into the back.
Our intrepid ranger decided to check out the door (locked mind you) leading to the basement. As he was screwing with it several things happened all at once. First, we have the wood burning stove popped open expelling a 2 ½ foot skeleton holding a rotten teddy bear; then we have the door leading outside and the door leading to the basement thrown open revealing a pair of skeletons each with bone spikes growing from their left arms and a wicked looking scimitar lashed to their right arm. Finally the warlock is greeted by a pair of skeletons wreathed in flames and another of the bone spiked skele. The battle was furious, the smaller skeleton continuously tried to bit people’s angles while the warlock was bombarded with fireballs. Only a couple of which did any damage because our tiefling warlock has mad fire resistance. Then things really started going bad. They whole building started shaking and a 5’ section of floor just exploded upward with a column of necromantic energy. The dark power spiked through the ceiling, presumably into the sky from there. The warlock then managed to get out of the way and utilize his Hunger of Hadar power to block off the kitchen from the living room, effectively taking the skeletons on the other side out of the fight momentarily (yes, after the fact I remembered that skeletons have necrotic resistance and would have probably charged right through, but I forgot, it happens). This allowed the players to dispatch the skeletons, heal a bit and then annihilate the remaining bad guys.
And now, with the door to the basement open, they descended into the darkness (again). The stairs were actually a spiral affair leading easily 30’ down. When the players got about 15’ from the end bolts of fire and necromantic energy fired up from the floor at them. Seems their entrance didn’t go unnoticed. Below them resided a tiefling warlock, two deathlock wights, a normal wight, and a pair of ghouls. They quickly began making their way down the stairs to fight off the enemy when the stairs themselves caught fire. This hastened their decent, right into the waiting claws of the ghouls and wight. As the battle raged the entire building and basement area started shaking. Dark energy leaked from the floor under the stairs. Seconds later staircase was enveloped in necrotic power as an even larger column of darkness consumed the only way out and continued to the sky.
To make matters worse, after the fight was over the floor began collapsing. A great hole opened in the middle of the room compromising the integrity of the ground, creating a sloped surface. With nothing to grab onto the party slid into the center of the room and right down the hole. Miraculously they all managed to land on their feet, right next to a 12’ mass of writhing vines. The area they fell into was confined, just enough room for the vine monster and each of them. One exit near where the cleric fell the only way out.
With no time to rest and recoup their powers the party was resigned to combat this menace with quick basic type of attacks. The ranger’s swords spun cutting vines, while the dwarf snapped his hammer down over and over again. Several rounds in the ranger found himself pulled into the creature’s body followed by the cleric at one point and the sword mage.
Many rounds later, the vine creature lay broken and burned on the ground while the party made it his responsibility to burn the remains of the creature down to only cinders. With this area seemingly blocked off from above, and only one entrance the group decided to take a much needed break. Will they be safe with necromantic energy seemingly bursting for at random, and tremors shaking the area?

On a side note, they didn’t get quite as far as I expected this week due to some members not getting the word to level up. We did some of that at the beginning and I had to figure out why my laptop all of a sudden wouldn’t let me keep more than one PDF open. Luckily we were able to figure all of this out and get going with only about a 45 minute delay.

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  1. a5465371's Avatar
    Chislefase is like mace in the face, no skeletons can touch me I will give them a taste-- of my power, making otha Tieflings sour and dour; their skills are weak crap to my stat-attack, leaving them flat where their at. I keep a short distance from the rest of my group, because as the best of the rest I need a good test, go ahead, try to stab my in my chest! All you'll get is a disappearing act, nothing short of the fact, that you're weak sauce so confess that you're shit is a mess. I laugh as you try to set my ass on fire, and as I blast you in the face you're situation turns dire for my mind powers last for hours. When I befoul my enemies I sometimes throw them a towel, and my curses are incisive as my taunting is derisive. My mouth flows as I drop these foes; I'm a maniacle fountain of words that can blow up a mountain. Chislefase has made his case.
  2. Zaistars's Avatar
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Funny Stuff.