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The Brooding City Pre-game

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with the finish of the Dark City I will be starting a new Campaign which takes place 15 years after the events of the previous.

While Dark City was restrictive in playing rogue characters, I have made this one more open and have created a system to use almost any D&D book for 3.5.

The premise is players are freedom fighters undercover in the city, plotting to overthrow the Masters who have taken control of the city. Players have belong to a selection of Affiliations they are sponsored by.

Depending on the affiliation they choose they have access to certain books. For instance, I have the Fey Resistance (a group believing the only way to defeat the Masters is to destroy the City's government) give access to the Races of the Wild book.

In addition players have "secret Identities" in organizations that they advance through their profession skill. I also will be using the contacts and other stuff from cityscape. Weapons and magic are forbidden so the players have to maneuver carefully.

So far I have my three regulars and hope to get more players.
The key to this is I am not limiting the players will want to play (short of some crazy combos). Adventures will be roleplay and some combat/skill but much more open-ended than the Dark City which relied mostly on stealth.

I have for the first adventure them given information of a collaborator knowing the location of a NPC's stash of magic items (who was killed in Dark city). They have o get the information out of them and then brave the vault where it is protected.

I'm unsure of the next adventure but i plan for them to have to break out an inmate at the local asylum and an adventure where they have to shut down a group of celestrials before they ruin the players plans. And of course many side plots at their businesses. it's going to be fun!


Robert plans to play a Synad Psion; making him a member of The Sanctified Mind. It allows him to use Complete Psionic book. His Organizational profession is working in the University as a professor.

Mary is playing a Illumian Favored Soul. She has access to races of Destiny. She is a gem-cutter in the crafters guild.

Kevin plans to play a gnome or hafling Druid with a dino for a animal companion. Not sure what group he wants but he may be in the Fey Resistance. His organization is the entertainers and I believe he will have a small sideshow circus to feature his dinosaur.

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