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Tales of the Olde Phoenix

Oakland Friday Game: Mike Conn DMing

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Well the Friday game session is finished again.

Due to a change in work schedule my Son (Matthew) was able to join the Friday group. To our buffet of side dishes (As he named it) he added a straight up fighter. I didn't know you could do those any more.

The Party
Ian -- Erisvet (sp) female Elf Ranger-Monk-Sorcerer (The last from a Chaos card)
Ben -- Funkin, male Gnome Bard-Magician-Meister
Jan -- Miles, male Half Dragon (chaos card again) Monk-Tattooed Monk.
Mr. Z, -- Yorus, male Dwarf Ranger-bloodhound
Me -- Raphael, male Half Centaur, Warlock-Cleric-Eldrich Disciple
Matt -- Verd, male Human Fighter
NPC -- Grudge male Half Orc Barbarian-Favored Soul-Pious Templar-Sanctified One

We we finally got to the dragon we have been threatened with for weeks. We found her talking poor Verd's ear off, and proceeded to do exactly the wrong thing in fighting a Dragon, clump together. How this party got from 1st to 11th level without losing more PCs is a total mystery to me. We have a "hey diddle-diddle straight up the middle" fighting "style" that should get us killed every time. Raphael went around the big rock pillar flying and started to pepper the beast (An Aspect of Tiamat no less) from the back with Eldrich blasts. Everyone else piled on with Verd joining the fray from the rear of the Dragon.

Funkin was tossed aside on the first breath weapon and took no damage. Rapheal was not in range to get hit either. Things moved quickly with the dragon taking a near max damage from Raphael, A critical power attack hit from Grudge and a good solid showing from Verd. She never got a second chance to breathe as they took plenty of hits and Yourus went down. She took s side step to get out of the crunch and got nailed on two AOOs that killed her, under 4 rounds.

Yourus was quickly healed as was the rest of the party after she detonated. No one died, again, nothing short of a miracle.

We found the holy book of Denneri we were looking for and took the hoard. The rest of the night was much Role-playing as nothing else offered itself for combat. However we like role-playing. I have the clerical book of the true teachings of the Goddess. Now I have to disseminate this to the congregations I encounter

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