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Session 6.

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As the gnome Chieftan awaits to see if the party has any requests before the evening meal, unexpectedly there is a knock on the door. Without waiting for a response, the door opens and in walks a gnome that is wearing rather nice robes. The Chieftan acknowledges the newcommer and introduces her as the clans Chief Cleric.

She appologizes for the intrusion but inquires if the part could answere a question for her. When they agree to provide whatever response they can, she pulls out a gold necklace with a charm on it. The charm is of a circle with a unicorn inside it. She tells them that the Elf dropped it on the road the other night and once he was out of sight one of the guards went and retrieved it.

Upon seeing a gold necklace, Dunil steps forward to take ahold of it, but Arocken quickly advances and takes the necklace from the cleric. She is surprised to see a charm of her diety, Ehlonna. Arocken asked about the necklace but the cleric is unable to provide any information other than it was dropped by the elf. Upon asking, Arocken is allowed to keep the necklace. Of course, Dunil offers to "keep it safe" for her, but Arocken quickly puts it around her neck and tucks it out of sight.

As the rest of the party heads over for the evening meal, Arocken is shown where the necklace was found laying on the road. Much to her dismay, the only thing she finds on the road is of the party's passage as they came down the road. She does notice a rock on the south side ledge that is 20 feet above the road and goes to inspect it. Oddly, there is a 50 foot rope tied to it. The footprints around the rock are of some type of humaniod creature, but as to if it was human, elf, or some other creature, she is not able to identify since the tracks were left by someone or thing that was wearing shoes of some type on their feet. After some more looking and finding nothing else, she heads over to the evening meal also. Once there, she tells of her find. Of course, since the others have been there eating and drinking for awhile, a couple of them have had a little extra to drink and give her a hard time as to the purpose of the rope.

After the meal, they all eventually made their way back to their lodging. Some of them thought that the dwarf might shake the building apart with his snoring. The magic users used time to relearn used spells and the others got their equipment ready since they planned to continue on their quest the next day. They were happy to have someplace to sleep on other than the open ground again.

The next morning, as they all eventually arose, each made their way over to partake of the morning meal. Since he was there and done first, Hockerbrecht offered to go aquire some more provisions since they didn't know how long they may be before finding another village if any. At least they a happy to have found the gnome village to be able to seek refuge at in the future. Since they had one empty barrel that had been full of grain for the horses, they figure that it could be used to catch water in to be sure of not completely running out and not being near a water source. At this, Hockerbrecht goes in search of a merchant.

When he finds the merchants store, Hockerbrecht uses coinage from his bag of holding to obtain the supplies. He aquires the following items:

28 Days of dry rations for the entire party at a cost of 360 gp. 50 pounds of dried fruit for 100 sp. And 28 days worth of grain for the horses at the sum of 1,120 sp. Fortunately his bag of holding contained the coin pile from the blue dragons cave and he had plenty of coin to pay with. This also came in handy that it made some free space inside his bag since it was rather full with all those coins in it. He brings the horse and cart along with his own mount and the merchant has his helpers load the five new barrels into the large cart. Luckily there can be three barrels side by side in the cart so that they only take up not quite a quarter of the space in the back when added to the other two that were already there. He then meets up with the rest of the party and tells them of what he was able to obtain. Everyone seems happy to know that they won't have to worry about going hungry anytime soon.

With it being late in the morning, they head on their way. The day guard waves as they pass out through the "gate". As they continue up the road, the gnomes turn to putting the stones back now that the party's wagon has went back out of the village. As they get back to the main road, they quickly decide to continue north as they have already been everywhere that is south on their map. Even to include the two roads that they added to it that were missing. They wondered if maybe they could sell the map back upon their return to Bissel now that there were new roads added to it. They are also pretty sure that the information of a new village for possible trade with should also meet with approval.

Being on the well used main road makes their progress much easier. They wonder if the 4 trolls that they dispatched of was what had caused the trade to come to a halt at Bissel. It would be easier for the merchants to go to the gnome village than try to make it through the trolls area. Eventually the noise of a large group is heard coming from ahead along the road. They stop to see what comes into view, but before they see anything, Weslocke is able to hear the unmistakable language of the gnomes, singing. They wait as the group stops to talk in the road. Appearantly they are heading back to the village. They have been out on patrol for 2 weeks but haven't seen anything. The party tells of defeating the trolls. The gnomes are happy to hear this, since that was what they were primarily looking for and were not able to find. The party is told that there is a crossroads up ahead. Each group then proceeds on their way.

When they find it, there isn't actually a crossroads, but a Y. A check of the map confirms this. So much for finding a couple more new roads to add to the map. Since the branch that leads to the Northwest doesn't go that long before coming to its end they decide to check it out first. As they are going around a sweeping curve in the road, they a surprised to see 3 Brown bears charging out of some brush towards them. Being up ahead of the rest Arocken is alone and tries to calm the charging bears. One of them does turn and wander back into the brush. Seeing a chance to try out a spell he was able to aquire at the gnome village, Weslocke casts color spray at the remaining two bears. When the spell hits, one bear is in front of the other and does not see the rainbow of color, his counter part, however, is not a lucky and is stunned. It falls over onto its side. The remaining bear rushes up to Arocken and attacks. Even though it missed, she strikes back at the bear. However, she doesn't want to hurt it any more than neccessary, so she strikes with the flat of her blade and does minimal damage while telling it that it is a bad bear and should go home.

Upon seeing the bear attack Arocken, Hockerbrecht fires his crossbow and hits the bear and does a little damage. At the same time, both Ethelrede and Flemin spur their horses forward to go help the ranger. Seeing the bear, the draft horse gets nervous and Veda has a fun time trying to keep it from wanting to turn and bolt off. Dunil readys her dagger, just in case, but continues to count the coins in one of the bags in the back of the cart. Both the clerics watch to see if they may be needed for healing.

Again the bear misses on it's second attack, and Arocken does minimal damage again trying to tell the bear to go home. At this time Flemin and Ethelrede arrive as the second bolt fired by Hocherbrecht sails over top of the bears back. Flemin hits the bear for a little damage, but Ethelrede's strike is a mighty one and delivers a huge wound to the bear.

The bear being badly hurt agains misses the ranger. Again Arocken does minimal damage and tells the bear that if it would have left, it would not have gotten hurt like this. This time Hockerbrecht fires one of his magic bolts and does enough damage to actually take the bear down and out. Of course the death of the bears weighs on Arocken. She is not happy with Hockerbrecht since he is the one that finished the bear off. He says that he couldn't just stand by and watch the bear attack her and also mentions that only one of the three were killed. This reminds everyone that there is another bear still there. It comes to and jumps up. Not being to sure of what happened, the other bears runs off into the brush. To help the ranger deal with the bear's death, it is mentioned about using the bear for their evening meal tonight. Since it is dead, Arocken is somewhat relieved that it won't go to waste. They load the dead bear onto the back of the cart and check the map. Fortunately, there is a nice long straight piece in the road that will be alot easier to see any approaching danger. They also didn't want to see if the other two bears would decide to come back.

As they reached the middle of the straight a way, the party chooses a spot to make camp at. It is at this point that the realize that nobody gave it a thought to get some tents while they were at the gnome's village. They get to work on making camp and getting the bear cooked. Hockerbrecht mentions the possibility of using the bear's hide as a blanket.

This is when we called it another night. It seemed as though a few folks were getting a little tired and the DM had to be somewhere early the next morning too. Due to some previous appointments being scheduled, the next game sessions is slated for 3 weeks from now on Dec. 13th. Hopefully everyone will be able to endure 3 weeks between game sessions.

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