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Level up Biznatches

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Ok guys, after further review of your xp and since we had an extended rest at the end of the last session I'm going to award your xp for what you have done the last couple of sessions. Each of you gets 1661, which should bring everyone to 7637 (look at me keep'n track of stuff). Can we say PING!!! Enjoy level six folks and be ready for a real challenge next week.

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  1. benjaminze's Avatar
    last week we ended with us covered in blood zombie bits and vomit are mentally fragile warlock slowly going insane plus I now have a phobia about little girls with no eyes but next week is going to be the challenge? I am filled with anticipation and dread at the same time
  2. Zaistars's Avatar
    That good huh? Maybe I should DM with a buzz more often.