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Zombie Apoc. Part 2.

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Continuing my last story. If you haven't read it then go do that. If you haven't read it and would rather be lazy then it's about a guy from Washington stuck in Canadian wilderness running from zombies. It's being written to look like it's him writing it down as a journal or log to be found incase something happens to him. So yeah...getting on with it.

Believe it or not I made it out of that forest. It took me three days of running and walking, but I finally made it out. I found a creek that was abnormally deep in some spots but that didn't keep me from walking through the water. I figured if I stuck to the shallow water I couldn't get snuck up on in the forest by one laying in leaves or behind a bush or something like that. I was terribly, terribly wrong.

See as it turns out the bastards do not need to breathe. This means they can very well walk through poison gas, survive underwater, and heavy vacuums like the effects of a hydrogen bomb after it detonates near a person. So I naturally wasn't expecting this woman to pop out of one of those deep areas and tackle me underneath the water with her. IT was slow-motion I swaer, at least it alwasy is when I remember it. She was dressed in cargo shorts, had blonde hair, and a white tank top. She had poped out of the water I was so scared I tried to gasp and sucked in nothing but creek water. I tried to fight but I couldn't see through the disturbed water. I felt a sharp pain in my arm...I swear she bit me...I was going to die I knew it. In one big push I had her off me and pushed myself up out of the shallow water. On my hands and knees laying next to this monster I grabbed the biggest rock I could find, stepped on her chest and threw it as hard as I could right into her face. I didn't bother to see if she was still moving, I just assumed...The first thing I did was walk to one side of the creek. I sat there and checked my wound...

Great news. Best I'd ever heard. The sharp pain was not a bite mark like I thought. I was pushed onto a pile of broken glass. Someone must have camped hear earlier and tossed a beer bottle in. As if to amplify that I have horrible luck / discovery skills I looked past the waters shore and found a campsite built for 2. I had obviously just killed one of the campers...

I climbed out of the water to the ex-campsite and looked around a little. The other camper woulden't be a problem...he was eaten alive by the other. Apparently in his sleep. I didnt' bother going into the tent, and the site didn't have anything for me that I could see so I took off running form the horrible smells back into the water. I washed my face to try to get over it. Blood all over the tent. Human entrails and struggle signs all over the place. Entrails looked like they had been dragged out of the tent through a creatures mouth for a few yards before they finally bit down.

Sitting there hands and knees in the shallow water and thinking about it, I puked. They we're probably together. Probably on a honeymoon. Probably the best time of their lives when she turned. I don't believe in god so I had never been to church and didn't know any prayers...Maybe someday everyone will get proper burials...

I remember this part of my life very well too. I realized that almost every Canadian had decided to head south. Everybody...The entire Nation. How big is this infection? How many mothers had already either had to put down their children or join the ranks of infected in refusal. How many fathers returned home from work to find their families changed? How many people realized there was something wrong with them and fled to hospitals only to spread it to those helpless trapped in bed? How many people tried reporting their attacks to the police in person, only to infect the law enforcement and the only people we have that could protect us? How long before our blissfull ignorance of this disease throws the entire world into chaos and disaster?

I puked some more...Then decided that was enough of the negative thoughts until I found a safe place to sit and think. I finally found someplace. A nice massive fortress. the one we had driven by earlier as a matter of fact. Later I would find out it used to be a peaceful little hamlet called "Crooked Creek" but some Canadian nuts went crazy and bought it out building a giant shelter. It was shaped like an awkward dome, with a tunnel-looking thing going over the creek and nets reaching down to the bottom.

Now there could have been any number of problems here. The people inside could already be infected. Or I could die on my way seeing how there was a mob of infected farmers banging on the metal and screaming. The good news is they hadn't heard my sloshing through the water over their wails of hunger...yet...

Wait if they're attacking the hull then they know someone inside is alive! Somehow a horde of zombies figured that out before me...

I had decided that swimming against the water, then trying to get into the net would be the best choice I had. Turns out the net wasn't for fishing like I had thought. It was to catch infected who had fallen into the water and got carried downstream. So when I pulled on the nets and alerted the river watchmen (Frankie) he proceded to do his job and shoot me. I guess looking down into water it can be difficult to tell a "help me I'm tangled in your net and drowning, and there are zombies, and I'm hungry, and wait don't aim that barrel at me" sign from an "I want to eat you" sign.

Naturally my stomach hurt like hell (he had got me in the lower stomach but missed the vitals), but once he saw I was bleeding red as opposed to black he let me out of the water and knocked me out with "pain medication" or "brain damage" as it's more formally known when someone smacks you in the side of the face with an aluminum baseball bat....

Hopefully this isn't like the Rambo movies. First one was good, second one sucks, third one is a joke...Tell me what you think again.

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  1. PudgySmurf's Avatar
    I read this story shortly before going asleep last night. Much to my horror, I then had nightmares about zombies and people turning. I even relived your scene of getting shot while trapped in a fish net!!! Afterward, I made my way thru a water tunnel into a huge white dome where survivors were headed. Then I woke up. LOL. This is a great story!
  2. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    Very cool, keep up the good work. BTW I liked Rambo II.