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On Line gaming...

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So I am in China now. Have wanted to be here for years, now my dream has come true. I am sad to say that I can't find any gamers here yet, but who knows maybe with a little time and some prayer I can find the books, the dice, and the players. But 'till that happens I am left looking for sources in other places. So I figured, if I could find a dice roller or what ever you call it (for playing pnp games via internet) I could hook up with some good old American's and play some D&D 3.5, heck I would even consider 4.0

If you are central time zone then I am 13 hrs ahead of you. at the time of this post it is 8:33pm Chinese time/ while in Dallas it is 7:33am. I hope some one replies to this... I am craving some good old mead, and could go for some fried ogre brains. Yes us rangers can live off most anything.


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Updated 03-23-2009 at 08:41 AM by McBoy

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