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Pyro Ranger

About my name

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[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Some people come up with all their character's history immediately. I'm not quite like that. I like to play a character and develop a feel for him, for the world he's in and build a back story to fit as I get to know him.

Right now, I need to set down [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Hockerbrecht, but I think I know who he is. It's always harder for me to come into a formed character than to start with a bare skeleton.

But this is about another character, Aelfwine. He was a Half-Elf Ranger. I really noticed his peculiar interest when we were raiding a Kobold village.

We were strafing some of the huts to prepare for an attack on a dragon's lair in the middle of the lake. Bringing down the forces in number and moral we were taking down one or two huts and withdrawing before they could rally the defenses. You have to have some strategy when you're a small band attacking an organized village.

Aelfwine decided that one of the best ways to disrupt the village was to set huts on fire. He had been playing with flaming arrows for a while now, and had a good setup with a bit of string and wax; keeping a few of the arrows ready in the quiver.

This episode caused the others in the party to remark that he was a little too partial to fire (except the dwarf, who quite encouraged this) and thus he became the Pyro Ranger.

I wouldn't mind having one of his relatives in another game.

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  1. cplmac's Avatar
    Who says that Hockerbrecht can't be a relative of Aelfwine?