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Player's Handbook 2

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So, I picked up the players handbook 2 this friday. So far pretty impressive. There are 5 new races, 8 new classes and whole host of paragon and epic destinies to choose from. There is also a fair number of feats (many for new classes and races but some for all). One in particular sparked my interest in the heroic tier; implement expertise--gives you a +1 bonus on powers used through a particular type of implement(ie wands, rods, staff, etc). Might be good for our warlock who seems to have a problem hitting. There's one for weapon groups as well but that's not as fun, mostly because I saw the other one first.
I must say though, I'm impressed as to the amount of damage the sorceror can dish out. They have a 1st level daily that dishes out 6d6+mod damage in one hit, granted it doesn't do anything else but still, wow. I was interested to find another defender class. The warden is pretty cool with all of its shape shifting and such.
The invoker brings back something many were missing with 4th ed, summoning. Granted the summonings kind of suck but they are still there.
Well, the phb2 is now officially allowed in the campaign, rock on!!!

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  1. Thriondel Half-Elven's Avatar
    What are the races and classes?
  2. yukonhorror's Avatar

    Go to and refer to the round-table discussions, they do a nice wrap up of each one.

    In short:
    Avenger (divine striker) - assassin for church
    Barbarian (primal striker) - rager guy but also leader of barbarian horde feel
    bard (arcane leader) - much better than previous editions
    Warden (primal defender) - protector of nature, transforms into guardians of nature
    shaman (primal leader) - uses spirit companion to help allies
    Druid (primal controller) - dropped healing aspect of 3.5 but maximizes wild shape
    Invoker (divine controller) - divine wizard, brings about wrath of god sort of thing
    sorcerer (arcane striker) - chaos or dragon mage, packs a lot of power, chaos powers very random, but all beneficial

    shifter- not much more than what's found in MM (except feats)
    goliath - big sturdy rocky guys
    half-orcs - quick and furious
    gnomes - tricky tricky tricky
    devas - replacement for aasimar, anti-thesis to tiefling, all-around nifty