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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Dolling, part deux

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Just thought I'd share my latest creation. This is just something I was playing around with. I saw a premade that reminded me of one of my player's characters and just had to mess with it. So, behold: Nomora Kageto and the memory of his lost love. I dimmed out the figure of the woman in the background to make it seem more ethereal by lightening the color and upping the saturation. The saturation value of a color describes how intense it is. The lower the saturation, the more the color seems dull and gray. If you look closely at the woman in the background, you'll see she has sparkles or starbursts on her in several spots. These were all over the image and I removed them from the foreground image using a smudge tool.

Edit: I'm just going to update this post because it took me less time than I thought to finish the doll of Silver-Draped Wraith/Crystal Bay. One of the disappointingly cool things I did on her outfit is the trim that appears white in this pic. It's actually a very pale rainbow all the way across (like an oil slick), but it doesn't show up in this image. I think I'll go back in and remove the silver leaf/feather jewelry as it doesn't seem to add to the image.
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Updated 03-25-2009 at 03:21 PM by GoddessGood

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